Club Hype


First luxury and high class club in Belgrade is opened on winter 2017. Club Hype is located at ex Mixer House, in building which represents gathering of arty, popular and famous people. Club works on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Music type: House, tech house, funky, disco, R’n’B and all time greatest hits from 80’s, 90’s RnB Pop House.

Hype club gathers city faces, models and famous sport people. Club is defiantly elegant and posh but still gives you freedom to party hard and to enjoy in epic music. The best DJS, in Belgrade plays music in Hype on Weekends, and very often club host underground and as well known tech Djs from Berlin and ibiza. Club take guest list and reservations pretty seriously, so keep that in mind, before you plan to party there. Like in all other Belgrade Clubs, in Hype Club as well, you will find vip and bar tables all over the dance floor. Make sure that you get there on time and  get in touch with us to put your name on the guest list. Our service is Free of charge, all that you have to do is to contact us on time and everything else will be sorted out. For free guest list service and more info about Hype and Nightlife in Belgrade, whats app us +38162337700.
Good to know: Do not show upfront of a club late, drunk or in sport dress code. you might be forbidden to enter.

Type of club: winter
Style & image: mainstream
Face control: yes
Dress code: yes, elegant.
Hostess: yes
Go-go dancers: no
Atmosphere: top
Djs: popular
Beautiful young people: yes
English speaking bartenders and waiters: yes
Cocktail masters: excellent
Prices in club: more or less like everywhere else
Visa and Master cards:accept

Club info:
Capacity is maximum 400 people.
It starts to get crowded at 00:00 and works till 5 am.

Hype Club has 18 VIP tables,  bar tables and space to grab a drink at bar.
VIP table space: Optimum 10 people
Bar table space: 4 – 6 persons
Location: Karadjordjeva 46.

FREE Reservations

+381 62 33 77 00 [email protected] Reserve now