Fabrika club is one of the latest clubs on Belgrade night scene. The owners decided to devote it to the “house” music. At that very place, the old Fabrika used to exist. The hangout itself is located in the industrial zone of the city. It is extremely popular since the very opening night. We recommend you to visit this place while you’re in the city of fun. Over the past few decades, a well known trend of revitalization and change of usage of industrial properties has created the best nightclubs in Europe and America. Exactly the same will happen this winter in Belgrade. Famous examples, which will surely define the concept and esthetics of Fabrika in Belgrade, are Barghain (Berlin) and Fabric (London). Minimalistic interior is functionally divided into an entrance lounge and a party zone. The visual identity, the sound quality, and the repertoire of the new Fabrika club will raise the standards of urban spectacle in Belgrade. The goal of Fabrika club is to justify and improve the image of Belgrade as the nightlife capital of the Eastern-European area.

Important Notice: This club does not work anymore

Type of club: Winter club
Located in: Belgrade industrial zone
Style & image: Mainstream
Face control: Yes
Dress code: Yes
Hostess: Yes
Go-go dancers: Yes
Atmosphere: Top
DJs: Popular
Beautiful young people: Yes
English speaking bartenders and waiters: Yes
Cocktail masters: Excellent
Prices in club: like everywhere else, more or less
Visa and Master cards: Accepted
Club info:
Capacity is 600 people.
It starts to get crowded at 00:00 and works till 5 am.
The club has VIP tables and bar tables and space to grab a drink on a big round bar.
VIP table space: optimum 12 people / maximum 20 people
Bar table space: 4 – 8 persons
Location: Despota Stefana 115

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