Club Kartel has been opened since the May 2019, and it is the newest summer club in Belgrade. Club has amazing view over the river on the Old Belgrade. Club Kartel offer local national live music, and it is very popular among locals and diaspora ( people from ex Yugoslavia living abroad ). Vip tables ( sofas ) and bar tables are located all over the club. There is space for around 500 party people.

Famous Serbian Singers are performing at Kartel Club every single weekend, many celebrities, politicians and models are regular guests at this club.

Club is very popular since its opening, and prior reservation ( guest list ) is the necessary. We can put your name and get you in the club quickly and completely free of charge. All you need to do is to whast app us: +38162337700

Club have secured parking for its guests, but keep in mind that this club is located in the area with other popular clubs, and that it can get really crowded at around midnight. Club works from Wednesday till Sunday, and it pretty much it is always pretty busy.

Notice: Belgrade clubs are super strict when it comes to the following: Don’t be late on the reservation, do not show up in a sports wear, no not get drunk before the club. You might get denied to enter to the club even if u have reservation.

FREE Reservations

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