Club Peoples

Lazy begs, baldachins, sunbathing, and swimming during the day and wild parties at night that lasts until sunrise. This entire offers well known club Peoples on Ada Ciganlija lake. This place gathers the younger population as well as students.

Type of club: Lake club

Style & image: Mainstream

Face control: No

Dress code: No

Hostess: Yes

Go-go dancers: Yes

Atmosphere: Top

Djs: Popular

Beautiful young people: Yes

English speaking bartenders and waiters: Yes

Cocktail masters: Excellent

Prices in club: More or less like everywhere else

Visa and Master cards: Accept

Club info: Capacity is maximum 700 people. It starts to get crowded at midnight and works till 5 am. Club Peoples has VIP tables, bar tables and space to grab a drink on a big round bar.

VIP table space: Optimum 10 people / Maximum 15  people

Bar table space: 4 – 6 persons

Location: Beside lake Ada Ciganlija, on the Makiš side.


Address: Ada Ciganlija bb, Ext 1

FREE Reservations

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