Red Shoes Cafe

Red Shoes Cafe is a club on the lake and the whole is made of wood, which gives a feeling of warmth. This is a club dedicated to a little bit older population which likes to relax in a great atmosphere with some great bands playing popular pop and rock hits. Friendly staff, a diverse music program and a wide range of drinks make this club a perfect place for all people seeking for relaxation and fun.

Type of club: Summer

Style & image: Mainstream

Face control: No

Dress code: No

Hostess: Yes

Go-go dancers: No

Atmosphere: Top

Bands: Popular

Beautiful young people: Yes

English speaking bartenders and waiters: Yes

Cocktail masters: Good

Prices in club: More or less like everywhere else

Visa and Master cards: Accept

Club info: Capacity is maximum 800 people. It starts to get crowded at midnight and works till 5 am. Red Shoes Cafe has VIP tables, bar tables and space to grab a drink on a big round bar.

VIP table space: Optimum 10 people / Maximum 15 people

Bar table space: 4 – 6 persons

Location: Beside lake Ada Ciganlija, on the Makiš side.


Address: Ada Ciganlija bb, Ext 7

FREE Reservations

+381 62 33 77 00 [email protected] Reserve now