Shake ‘n’ Shake

At the confluence of Danube and Sava there is a perfect oasis for everyone, place were you can find happiness and joy, and have a wonderful time – Shake ‘n’ Shake beach bar.

Taste some of the best and refreshing shakes while lying on easy chair made out of reed and enjoying amazing and relaxing day in the most beautiful part of the Belgrade, at the confluence of two rivers where history of Belgrade is written.

Altought the days at Shake ‘n’ Shake are peaceful, after the sunset atmosphere starts to warm up. Extremly good energy contributed by top DJs or bands that perform here will set you in the right mood. Flirt with beautiful girls, or have a drink or two more than you can handle – no one will critizise or give you unpleasant  eye contact. Shake ‘n’ Shake is all about fun.

Ideal for chilling out, hanging with friends or reading a great book during days, or for great and exciting experience on nights – Shake ‘n’ Shake is a raft club in Belgrade that must be visited!


type of club: summer

Located: on river
Style & image: mainstream
Face control: yes
Dress code: yes
Hostess: yes
Go-go dancers: no
Atmosphere: Top
Djs: popular
Beautiful young people: yes
English speaking bartenders and waiters: yes
Cocktail masters: very good
Prices in club: more or less like everywhere else
Visa and Master cards:accept

Club info:
Capacity is maximum 500 people.
It starts to get crowded at 00:00 and works till 4 am.

The clubs has 12 VIP tables, 30 bar tables
VIP table space: Optimum 5-7 people / Maximum 10 people
Bar table space: 4 – 6 persons
Location: Club Shake n Shake is located on the riverbank of the river Sava, on the Novi Beograd side between the tram bridge and the bridge Gazela.

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