Club Time out

First of all, Club Time Out is located in an exotic place, in nature, surrounded by greenery, on the lake yet very close to the downtown of the city. Time Out is a beachfront club at the Belgrade “sea”. It has become a highly popular gathering place, especially among youth – the place is always crowded and the spirit of partying is always present.

Type of club: summer
Located: on the lake
Style & image: popular
Face control: no
Dress code: no (sport wear not allowed inside the club)
Hostess: yes
Go-go dancers: yes
Atmosphere: Top
Djs: popular
Beautiful young people: yes
English speaking bartenders and waiters: yes
Cocktail masters: excellent
Prices in club: more or less like everywhere else
Visa and Master cards:not accept

Club info:
Capacity is maximum 700 people.
Capacity outside (at the beach) 4000 people.
Together maximum 4700 people.
It starts to get crowded at 23:45 and works till 4 am.

Club Time Out has 12 VIP tables, 85 bar tables (inside) 60 (outside)

VIP table space: Optimum 8 people / Maximum 12 people
Bar table space: 4 – 6 people
Location: Time Out is located on Ada Ciganlija bb, Ext 6, Makiška side

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