Damir Tattoo Studio

Damir Tattoo Studio | Belgrade at night

Tattoo Studio Damir, is one of the most popular Tattoo Studios in Belgrade. There are several highly professional artiest working full time over there. Their Art had been drawn on the skin of the Roberto Carlos, Felipe Melo, Andre Santos, Mateje Kezmana, Dejana Stankovica, Roberta Prosineckog and so on. The list of celebrities that decided… Read more »

Dzoni koji tetovira

Dzoni koji tetovira | Belgrade at night

Dzoni koji Tetovira on Serbian language means Dzoni who make tattoos. His Studio is opened back in the 1993, and he has more then 26 years of experience in country and abroad. In his studio they do all styles: Black and Grey, Realistic tattoos, Colors, Cover-up, letters, and so on. Dzoni is super busy, and… Read more »

Golden Dragon tattoo studio

Golden Dragon tattoo studio | Belgrade at night

Golden Dragon tattoo studio is located at 7 Cika Ljubina street in the center of Belgrade. Our studio offers tattooing services, one of the oldest known ways to permanently decorate a human body. For a long time, we have been located in Balkanska street in a small studio where we have built our recognizable name. As… Read more »

Ketty Smile Ink

Ketty Smile Ink | Belgrade at night

Hello tattoo collectors, I would like to welcome you and your ideas to my artistic table. I would like to take what you have in your mind and to make it into a real piece of art, that will stay forever on your skin. My priority is for you to be satisfied, therefore I always… Read more »

Mean Machine

Mean Machine | Belgrade at night

Mean Machine Tattoo & piercing studio was established back in 2016 by a group of a young artists that gain experience in a some of the famous local and foreign studios. This group have many satisfied clients that can testify on their amazing work. During their career they have earned positive comments and rewards on… Read more »


Picasso | Belgrade at night

Deciding to make a Tattoo is the big life decision, that requires time and money, and what’s the most important, professional Tattoo Artists. Highly Professional Team will assist you with choosing the right design for yourself. Team will explain you about a meanings of potential designs, as well where are they coming from, and how… Read more »


Sindjel | Belgrade at night

Back in the 1988, artist Snezana Dubajic opened the Sindjel Scene, the first legal tattoo studio in downtown of Belgrade. Brave and very well designed concept brought attention with its quality, experience, and work in domain of the body art. Very Fast Sindjel came up among the few best ones on the alternative scene in… Read more »