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No matter where you are a laptop allows you to bring your work with you. Buying a laptop might seems pretty straightforward when it is outright kind of hard. There are a bunch of factors to look into before considering which Laptop to buy. Most of the Computer Stores in Belgrade are well stocked. You will find anything you desire out there. Before you go into Shopping ask yourself why do you need one?


How to Choose a New Laptop in Belgrade?


If you buy a crappy laptop Digital Nomad Life is not going to be fun. Hey Digital Nomads. Welcome to Belgrade Serbia. First thing first why are you getting a Laptop? Are you a Designer, Video Editor, Content Creator or a Gamer. Here are some good tips of choosing a right Laptop.


  • Lightweight & Size


  • Fast. Need to be a reliable machine to do fast Downloads & Uploads.


  • Ports of the future


  • Memory or RAM. At least 8GB should cover your needs


  • Brightness. In some cases you might need a bright display. Choose the one that has minimum 400 nits or more


  • Storage. If you are into Video Editing you know that you should aim at least 256GB. If its not enough as you know, you can always add external drive


  • Battery Life. This is one of the most important things. AT least 6-8 hours of Battery life



Computer Stores. in Belgrade

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About Shopping a Laptop in Belgrade Computer Stores!


If your old laptop have quit working while in Belgrade no worries. There are professional Laptop repair Shops out there. Can you fix your Macbook? Yes if it is wort of fixing. If you want a new one you can get it pretty easy. Hard Drive is important. Two most important things are Storage and Speed. For storage 100 Gigs will do. The 1.8 Ghz speed is considered as a good all core speed. Make sure that cooling system is following a computer processor. As a Graphic Designer you will need minimum 8gb of RAM. Beside your personal knowledge and a research you will be in a good hands in Belgrade Computer Stores. Professional employees will assist you on English.


Good to know: You can pay with a card or in a local currency. Other currencies except Local Dinars are not accepted when purchasing Laptop in Belgrade. You can Exchange money at almost any corner in Belgrade. Exchange Money places in Belgrade are absolutely safe. You can withdraw money as well from a ATM at almost any corner of the city.


About Digital Nomad life in Belgrade


Join the Facebook Group Foreign Visitor Club. There are around 50,000 people In that group. Connect with other Expats and find out about secret spots in Belgrade. Tasty Restaurants, Serbian Food, popular Belgrade Clubs and Co-working spaces. Belgrade has it all. Belgrade become one of the 5 Top cities in Europe for remote work.

Lap Top Vs Desktop

What is the Ultimate difference between these two. Lap Top is a lightweight. Easy to cary and to work from anywhere. Desktop is set up at the one place. Desktops has wider screens. Way more impressive powered hardware. Desktop computers are more affordable. Easier mouse to use with easier ways to upgrade. Overall it all depends from your line of work. In Belgrade you can gear up yourself with both professional options. If you have moved to Belgrade for a while. Spending at least 6 hours per day over computer. If you like to work from home. Get yourself a powerful Desktop Computer. Then get a super comfortable chair. Good table with a fast wi fi. Relax and Enjoy working from Belgrade.