Cool ex-Communist places to take photo at

Everything started back in the 1939 (even before, there were signs of rising of the new idea – Communism), when Josip Broz Tito emerged as the leader of the back then still small and relatively unknown Yugoslavian Communist Party. Today, Communism in Architecture reminds us of that era, monuments of the history, which are the part and trademarks of our capital forever. For Cool tourists, Ex-Communist places represent special and unique places that have to bee checked out.


Genex Tower

Genex or The Western City Gate is a true monument of the communist architecture in Belgrade. Genex is 115 meters high building. It has 36-levels skyscraper of a magnificent look.  Two towers next to each other, connected with a two-stores bridge and revolving restaurant at the top of the buildings that has never been open. Urban Legend says that plan for the restaurant was not to remain stationary. Plan was for the top of the building (restaurant) to move around and to offer guests full panoramic view of the city.

Keep in mind that this idea was super futuristic back in that time.

Cool ex-Communist places to take photo at


 Kuca Cveca (House of Flowers), Museum of Yugoslav History

Earlier mentioned, Tito’s grave is located in one of the Museum buildings (the House of Flowers). The name House of Flowers comes from the fact that many flowers surrounded the tomb until it was closed to the public after the breakup of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Today, the tomb is opened again for the public. Permanent exhibition in museum building consist of local, republic, and federal Relays of Youth from the period after 1957, from when 25 May was celebrated as Youth Day.

kuca cveca Cool ex-Communist places to take photo at

Kuca Cveca

SIV building (Palace of Serbia)

In this palace, Josip Broz Tito (Yugoslavian Communist leader) has been receiving official visits from world leaders such as American president Jimmy Carter, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Margaret Thatcher, Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and many others. This building was built in period from 1947 till 1954. There are 6 salons, which were symbolically named after the names of six former Yugoslavian republics. All six salons were connected to the biggest saloon, which was named Yugoslavia. After Yugoslavia fell apart, salons were renamed into “red salon”, “blue salon”, etc. This impressive palace metaphorically represents power and stability of society (communism) in that period.  However, It`s possible to visit it on some special occasions. Interior of the palace is closed for public, but exterior looks so powerful, with massive fountain, which represents a perfect place to take some cool shoots.

palaya srbije ex-Communist places to take photo at

Palace of Serbia

“25. Maj” Sport center 

WOW, this place is definitely one of a kind. Center for Sports and Recreation “25 May” was officially opened in 1973, by the president Josip Broz Tito. The idea of ​​building a sport center stemmed in 1961, but the first foundations were built a decade later. This place was designed by a Academician and University professor Ivan Andric (1923 – 2005). He did this project with much love and creativity, and thereby this monumental building was placed among the most beautiful buildings in our country.  Nowadays at this place you will find one of the best Gyms in Belgrade, Sky Wellness, also you will find one of the best restaurants in BelgradePanta Rei.

25 maj ex-Communist places to take photo at

25. Maj

Area of New Belgrade

During the Communist regime, this municipality known as New Belgrade was an oasis for a quickly growing City. There were many buildings built in the style of Brutalist Architecture.  Many of them are residential, and they are divided in so called blocks. There are many monuments and monumental buildings dedicated to that era.

Hotel Jugoslavija –  Hotel Yugoslavia has been opened in 1969, and it became the premier accommodation. Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Tina Turner, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Queen Elizabeth II have been stayed there.

Hotel Jugoslavija-Communist places to take photo at

Hotel Jugoslavija

Sava Centar – a concrete and blue-glass building a mixed-use conference and exhibition center – is enormous. The center features a total of 15 conference halls, exhibition spaces and a 4,000-seat theater, as well as offices bars and restaurants. Since opening, it has hosted more than 35,000 events and welcomed a total of 15 million visitors.

Sava Centar-Communist places to take photo at

Sava Centar

Eastern City Gate – Also known as the ‘Three Sisters’ or ‘Rudo’ buildings, Belgrade’s Eastern City Gate is a complex of three stepped skyscrapers, each featuring 28 stores up to a height of 85 m.

Eastern city gate-Communist places to take photo at

Eastern City Gate