Coolest places in Belgrade

When you come to Belgrade, prepare for everything! Meet the locals and throw away stereotypes. First thing you are going to see are gray buildings, people on the streets in a hurry and you will think: This can’t be it! But, as soon as
you look deeper, you will discover whole new world!

belgrade weekend

Heat up the summer

After avoiding the sun all day, you will be forced to go out when you hear all the people in the streets. And they are all going to some pretty cool places. Mikser Garden, Club 94, Terassa…these are just some places where you can meet the real Belgrade nightlife spirit. In these places you will meet Serbian celebrities, and dance like you never danced before!

Forget London, New York or Amsterdan or whatever city you liked before. Belgrade will be your number one!

Splavovi, minimalist design or pool in the center of the club, or just a good cocktail you just had, you will never be sure which of these thing make you feel so happy and energised.