What to do during Corona Covid-19

What to do during Corona Covid-19? Are you in Belgrade and looking how to organise yourself? Make sure to follow the rules that Serbian Government brought to us. This situation brought many Expats unprepared, facing this hard times in Belgrade. As everyone else, people are afraid from images that are brought to us from the hospitals in Italy. During this time its important to boost our immune system and work on ourselves staying calm and having as much sleep as possible.

Corona Belgrade



Take care of your sleep


What you have to take care of is having deep and enough sleep, reducing reading bad news as much as possible, taking enough vitamins, exercise at home and watch comedies (not horror or drama recommended in this times ☺).

Exercise at home can be done only with your body weigh. You don’t need special equipment or weights. You can find beginners exercise on the YouTube. Fitness and yoga 30 days challenges are highly recommended. If you sit a lot we suggest you to practice the Yin Yoga. Yin Yoga goes along with slow music, (as Enigma tracks). One hour a day with Yin Yoga will keep you calm and lower your stress level, as well it will help you out to sleep better. 

As you know during the crises Belgrade Clubs and Belgrade Nightlife are completely dead. Belgrade Gyms are closed, and only way to dance or work-out is at your own place. 


Do Fitness at Home


If you have plenty of time, do Fitness before the breakfast, and make sure to worm up before u start, also make sure to have at least one big glass of water on your empty stomach. After you are done, take a shower and make a coffee or a tea, and make yourself a healthy breakfast with no bread. Good breakfast idea would be oats with hot water, and natural honey. Along with oats make sure to have fresh fruits.

During the day make sure to make a progress, study and work. Do stuff that u haven’t had time before. Learn how to cook, learn foreign language, make an strategy how to make money after the crises or during the crises.

Netflix offer a lot of good Series and movies. Pick the right genre, go for comedies. Make sure to keep social contact with friends and family, whats app them and share your thoughts and support them mentally in this hard times.

Staying away from others will keep others and yourself safe. As its proven so far, many people do not have any symptoms, and they can carry the Corona ( Covid 19 ) virus and not knowing that they can get others sick. So make sure if you get in touch with other people while in grocery store or elsewhere, to wash your hands well with a hot water, and not to touch your face in the meanwhile. Make sure to keep physical distance from the people, while we don’t get more info from the WHO. 

At the afternoon, listen to your favorite music that’s calm u down, and drink hot lemon ginner tea. Avoid Air Con, and avoid cold drinks. 


Healthy FOOD!


Make sure to eat healthy food and to avoid industrial sugar as well as coca cola and other unhealthy drinks. Make the tragedy in your favor, make the progress and keep calm with no panic. Make sure to go to the bed not to late, and to sleep at least 8 hours a night. Follow the rules and protect yourself and others. If you are stuck in Belgrade and would like to leave back to your own country make sure to contact your Embassy. If you are in Belgrade, and decided to stay, you are at the right place. People of Belgrade take care of everyone equally, you are welcome at our city and we will make sure that you stay safe.

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Stay safe!