Cosmetic Beauty Salon

The BEST choice for a Cosmetic Beauty Salon in Belgrade? You have to know some facts before heading to the one!

There are no cheaper but on another hand highly professional places like ones you will find in Belgrade. Cosmetic Beauty Salon can be found anywhere in the city. There are many foreigners using Cosmetic beauty Salon Services in Belgrade. Mostly girls from all over the Europe. Ones that staying in Belgrade as Expats just love to do Nails and Eyebrows classes. For only 1000 USD they get an International Certificate and become experts how to do: Eyelash extensions, permanent makeup, manicures and pedicures.

For gaining this kind of Skills you would need to pay at least 10,000 USD in some other western country.


Belgrade is not famous for its economical growth or the best middle class city to live, but, when it comes to the already famous Belgrade Nightlife, Popular Belgrade Clubs, and staying fit and pretty, then city of Belgrade is on the top of the worlds list.

Tourists are shocked that in Belgrade during the day, on the street, at the public buss, on the work or in the ordinary food store, you will find girls and guys fully dressed up. In Belgrade everything is about the style, and showing off. Belgrade Girls takes this really seriously, and they take care of their look and appearance more then ever.

Almost all girls in Belgrade know how to do at least basic make up by them self’s. They visit at least 1 a week, Cosmetic and Beauty Salon in Belgrade, and at least once, just before the weekend, they visit Hair Salon.

Most of the Hair Salons and Cosmetic Beauty Salons are super busy on weekends. Keep in mind that when there are holidays, prices are going higher then usual, bought for locals and expats / tourists.

Manicure and Pedicure in Belgrade

When the group of people from Sweden came last month to the Belgrade, they used our FREE clubbing service, to go out and to party hard. Early morning on Saturday they got info from a Photographer in the club that they can do highly professional Manicure and Pedicure in Belgrade for just 10-20 Euros. They came up at our page and found one of the best Manicure and Pedicure in Belgrade. Guess, how was their experience? It was amazing! They started to wonder why they pay so much back in Sweden.


Guys do not hesitate, go and get your nails done, stay awesome and sexy while in Belgrade.

Eyelash extensions in Belgrade

Why not to get AN amazing look, for affordable price while cruising around Belgrade.  Eyelash extensions by many mans, make a girl to look more attractive then usual. Have it done just before the weekend, so you can easily seduce more people than you usually do. If you are thinking to gain some knowledge, and to sell new skills back in your county, then go for it! Belgrade Eyelash Extension Schools are affordable and offer high-end quality. Don’t worry about Belgrade not beaning as developed as London, that has nothing to do with professionalism of an Eyelash extensions specialist in Belgrade.

Permanent makeup in Belgrade

Sometimes this goes above all normal human expectations. Some people changed their look in a good way, and some, at least by our personal taste, have made them self’s looking as aliens. What ever you decide to get for yourself, Local Permanent Makeup artist in Belgrade will do that for you. Please, make 100% sure with yourself, what you want to have done, before u get on a treatment. There are many permanent makeup beauty salons and studios in Belgrade. Make sure to book your treatment at the right place!



Cosmetic Beauty Salon

Cosmetic Beauty Salon




Overall, Most of Cosmetic-Beauty-Salons in Belgrade are among world top class. If you are going to visit some of them, remember 3 important things before you head over there. First: Do Research / Second: Make a Reservation / 3: Don’t be late

Research before u head over there, you don’t want to end up disappointed. On our page you will find some of the finest places in Belgrade, but its you who need to decide.

Good Cosmetic-beauty-salons in Belgrade are super busy all the time. They all have local regular costumers, and always ready to get new ones. Make sure to contact them and to make an appointment at least day or two before you go there, especially if you are looking to go for weekends or when there are holidays in Serbia.

If you late to the Cosmetic Salon, you might loose your appointment. Also, local person, owner or a worker, could get upset for you being irresponsible.

At the most of the places you can’t pay with card, so make sure to bring cash. Belgrade Locals are very welcoming when it comes to the Expats and Tourists. You will be treated good, and you will be probably asked much cute questions about costumes back in your country of origin. Enjoy in Belgrade its a fun city indeed!