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As you know one of the most beautiful girls in the World are coming from Belgrade Serbia. Belgrade is all about Style & Beauty. City that never Sleep With some of the Hottest Clubs and Lounge Bars in South East Europe become the place where foreigners choose to travel to Study Cosmetology. There are Quite a Few Cosmetology Schools out there. You will have to choose the right place to gain the right Skills. Check at the top of our page for some of the best Cosmetic Schools in Belgrade Serbia.



Cosmetology Schools in Belgrade Serbia

Find the right Cosmetology Schools in Belgrade Serbia.



Why foreigners Choose to Study Cosmetic in Belgrade Serbia?



Getting an Excellent Education for a fair price. Plus you get to live in a vibrant City of Belgrade where is always something going on. Art Exhibitions, Museums and Festivals. Bohemian Quarter and Savamala. Just name in Belgrade has it all. Beside social Life Belgrade has to offer TOP Cosmetic Specialists. Some of those people have worked for ages having enormous experience. Leaning tricks from them will take you to the next level in the business. Price to study in Belgrade Serbia is way more affordable than in the Western Countries. But at the same time you get the same knowledge or even grater. Aside of studying itself, Belgrade does cost less for living. Prices are more reasonable than in other European Capitals.


Why Serbs from around the world Study Cosmetology in Belgrade?


There are roughly 4 million Serbs living all around the world. If you are reading still it means that you are very much interested into building your career in Cosmetology. If you are looking for a practical knowledge how to become World Wide recognised Expert, Belgrade Cosmetic Schools are the right place for you. You will build great skills, there are no questions about that. Price that you will pay for study is more than fair. Make sure to do your due diligence and to make a right choice of a school.


How to Build Your Career after finishing Cosmetic School in Belgrade Serbia?


Aside you might find a job back home pretty easy you can also become a freelance Make up Artists, Nails Specialist or Skin Care Specialist.


  • Define your Biggest Rational Wishes


  • Brand yourself


  • Be aware of your Strength


  • Build Relationship with Influencers


  • Build super interesting Content and maintain your social media appearance


  • Always offer more then you promise to your clients


  • Stay positive and never complain


  • Be Funky and Follow the trends


Cosmetic Schools in Belgrade

How to become an EXPERT? Choose the Right School & Study from Cosmetic Specialists.



General Info About Cosmetology


The terms Beauty School and Cosmetology School are often considered as same. There are some similarities but they are not the same. The main difference between them is that a Beauty School may encircle all types of beauty programs but may not necessarily include a Cosmetology Program. Cosmetic Schools are most likely non degree schools that may provide certifications or diplomas at the end of the study. While most of Colleges and Universities do not teach job skills, Cosmetology schools in Belgrade Serbia are focus on developing Hands-On experience. Their main things is to put students on the salon floor.

Most of the Schools offer specialised programs for students interested in particular areas of cosmetology. You can study to become a Make-up Artists, Nail Specialist, Hair Specialist and Skin care Specialist.