Coworking spaces in Belgrade

If you are considering to join a co-working place and meet other Belgrade Expats and Locals read this post before you step at the one of them. There are many Coworking spaces in Belgrade nowadays. They are all good but a few of them are just amazing. If you are seeking for the fast wi-fi, other cool locals and expats. Good coffee, private conference rooms and adorable design and infrastructure then check the highlighted list at the top of this page. Contact them and try them out. For more info about Co Working in Belgrade keep reading.


Where you can work in Belgrade for FREE ?

Coworking spaces in Belgrade where you can enjoy your time for free! Kralja Petra Street Place is called Kafiterija. Get in the elevator if you dont like to walk. On the 2 floor you will find your new favourite place. Good coffee and fast wifi. Good deals for food & High Ceilings. Whole place will remind you on a castle from the 18 century. Its an amazing place to work from. Is it free to work from there? Yap it surely is! If you have kids traveling with you this place has playground place at the third floor. There is a public Parking in just few min walk from this place. If you get tired of having meals at this place, dont worry you all good! There are epic Restaurants and fast food just around the corner. Walking distance and you are in a HUGE Shopping Mall.


Why is Coworking space more beneficial?

Coworking space is a beneficial for those freelancers who are more productive when they do not work from a home. Digital Nomads has been choosing projects they care about in non-competitive and healthy environment. For an example people who are working from Coworking spaces in Belgrade are employed by different companies and working on a different projects. Unlike in the traditional offices. People over there as we already mansion are not competitive among others. On the contrary they are actually helping each other out. They share experience and knowledge. More and more companies are outsourcing their work to contract or project workers. Permanent employees in the companies also work mobile as much as they can from different locations.

Freelancers are not bonded to any country or a city, the beauty of freelancing is that you can choose from were and when you want to work. For example, why wouldn’t some freelancer with Swiss salary choose to live in country that suits him better. Country with lower rental bills and with more affordable Restaurants and a life style?


Belgrade Digital Nomad Heaven!

Belgrade has becomes a promised land for global Freelancers. Really cool Coworking spaces are everywhere around the Belgrade. Renting an apartment in the Downtown of Belgrade costs between 200 to 400 Euros a month. Forget about cooking at home! Having a lunch in a some of the popular Belgrade restaurant costs nothing comparing to the other European countries. YES Belgrade food tastes amazing! Probably the most interesting thing is that you are actually in the heart of Europe! Hospitality, good food, location, reasonable prices and famous Belgrade nightlife are the most interesting things when it comes to the Belgrade, and most important one is – Belgrade is absolutely safe city to live in during the day or in the night.

Belgrade for Digital Nomads

Since 2012 when the first place has been opened Coworking spaces are just popping up everywhere in Belgrade. Belgrade is now globally recognized as a hotspot for a Digital Nomads.  We wrote this article to make it easier for foreigners to find the right Coworking Area in Belgrade for themselves.


Startit Centar

It features a modular central space that changes its role from meeting rooms to open community and education space. Located near the main railway station, with  industrial-style interior and spreading on 350 m2, is a perfect place for freelancers, and team work as well. Startit is known for  hosting some of the most exciting Serbian startup initiatives. Place is pet friendly, works 24/7, have 100/100 Mbps speed, VR laboratory, and many others conveniences.

Coworking spaces in Belgrade Startit Centar

Startit Centar

Smart Office

Smart office it is located in center of Belgrade, this “Smaller” Coworking space features 30 desks and 2 conference rooms. Smart Office has flexible terms of use and has become the place that gathers mobile professionals, start-ups, work-from-home entrepreneurs, freelancers and small teams. Smart Office also offers a wide selection of basic business services, great for start-ups.

Coworking spaces in Belgrade Smart Office

Smart Office

Nova Iskra

Their slogan is simple: LIVE, LEARN and WORK. Nova Iskra is one among the first hubs in Belgrade, which size double increased since then. This place is one of a kind, beautiful urban garden in downtown of Belgrade with more than 40 lovely plants being cultivated. Nova Iskra have plenty programs for professional development, they are equipped with 51 desks lcated in a residential building in popular street in Belgrade.

Coworking spaces in Belgrade Nova Iskra

Nova Iskra

Ict Hub

Ict Hub is a Coworking space located in the center of the city. It provides easy access for public and digital nomads 24/7.   It has several meeting rooms and an IoT lab with equipment to carry on your projects perfectly. It is a perfect hub for IT community gatherings, networking, experience and expertise sharing. It is also a great zero point for children entering the world of innovation.

Coworking spaces in Belgrade Ict Hub

Ict Hub

Impact Hub Belgrade

Impact Hub is a network, which includes almost 90 hubs worldwide, across all the continents. Perfect for entrepreneurs and social innovators, a place where you will find an eclectic, diverse, multicultural and trans-national group of people. Besides desks and perfect Internet connection this Hub provides standalone offices, meeting rooms and event space.

Coworking spaces in Belgrade Impact Hub

Impact Hub


Regus Coworking space is economical and cost-effective place, with flexibility of use, no matter for how long you need it for. You can get access to office space whenever you are ready without obligations. Regus office is suitable for one person, as well for the whole team, you can get it for a day, or a week, or even for a month.



OUR IS BUILD for entrepreneurs. Teaming up individuals with similar interest at one of the most unique places in Belgrade. Our is place where you can share your ideas. Meet expats and locals and teem up. Office spaces are build for those who think out of the box. Check them out. They are among the most attractive Coworking spaces in Belgrade this days.



In Centar

In Centar is among the most interesting Coworking spaces in Belgrade. It is focused on fulfilling the ideas that individuals and organisation has. It is the place where social entrepreneurs non-governmental and business sectors meet up.It is located in the down town of Belgrade.


Guys enjoy Coworking spaces in Belgrade! Remember if you need any FREE info about Belgrade or where the next big party is going to take place Whats app us any time: +38162337700


Some short History about Co Work places

It all started in the Berlin, with one of the first hackerspaces in the world called C-Base in 1995. In 2002, they made WiFi networks available and promoted free public access to the internet.  Very soon after that everything has changed.  In the 2002 New York office share was founded (42 West 24). Than in the same year two random Austrian entrepreneurs set out to put an end to working from home and to create a space where like-minded people could gather to work and create collaboratively. They renovated a former factory and first entrepreneurial center in Vienna has been born. Year after year Coworking places were just popping up all around the world! The new style of working has been born! Unlike in a typical office those Coworking people are usually not employed by the same organisation. They either work as an employs or they are freelancers.