Delightful nights in Belgrade

Delightful nights in Belgrade

After all the holidays, “regular” ones and Orthodox, in Belgrade you can still feel the magic everywhere. It is sort a fairytale, it is snowing and everything seams beautiful. The best are evening and nights, and what is more perfect than gazing at the snowy city from the “glass windows” of our extraordinary restaurant Panta Rei. Spend your Delightful nights in Belgrade in this remarkable venue.

With the tradition old more than 20 years, Panta Rei always find the way to surprise us. Innovations in the kitchen, with the modern twist in every regular dish, everyone will find new favorite meal. Cozy place all in beige and brown tons just waiting to welcome you. Their international kitchen is suitable for everyone.

After that, as a main dish, we suggest club Tilt tonight, with the music of the 90’s to warm you up in this cold nights.

Delightful nights in Belgrade

Delicious meals of chef from Panta Rei

Dishes for every taste

Try Serbian beverage Rakija, goes with everything perfectly 

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