Dentist in Belgrade

The Same Quality but Cheeper up to 10 times then in other Europe Capitals


You might be asking yourself why is Belgrade offering the same quality for way better price? Let us explain you and make it crystal clear. Average cost for a dental clinic in Paris or London will cost around 4,000 Euros per month. Same place in Belgrade will cost 500-1000 Euros a month. Cost of Buying an Equipment for a clinic will be the same. To graduate from University of Dentistry is equally hard as in other Western Countries. Price for Studying is 10 times cheeper in Serbia than in other Western Countries. Cost of living in our country is more affordable which bring us to lower salaries as well. Tax on Services is lower in Serbia as well. All of this brings us to the fact that you can get a ticket from London to Belgrade for 99 Euros. Flight duration is around 1 hour 40 min. You will stay in Belgrade 5 star Hotel. Fix your smile by professionals while having an awesome time in the capital of Fun. You will do all of this and save hips of money.


Where is Belgrade?


Belgrade is a capital of  Serbia. Country is located in the South East of Europe. Just next to Hungary and across of the see from Italy. Belgrade is a safe city famous for Hospitality and Good Nightlife. Its very easy to come to Belgrade since most of the country do not need visas for a tourist visits. There are every day flights from Germany to Belgrade. Flight takes around 1 hour and cost around 50 -100 euros. Same thing from Middle East. From Dubai or Qatar to Belgrade tickets are around 300 euros for a round trip. There are even Direct flights from China and New York to Belgrade. Why would you consider to travel to Belgrade to visit a Dentist? Serbia is among the best destination in Europe when it comes to the perfect smile! When looking at the price of a dental implants as one of the most popular options for smile reconstruction the Belgrade is the number one destination in Europe. However if we go a little deeper into this topic we will realise that there is still one big difference between Belgrade and the rest of the world – the LIFE STANDARD. Lower prices of interventions compared to the world have contributed to the accelerated development of dental tourism and the influx of foreign patients in our country. But would patients from different parts of the world come only because of the low prices of dental services? Nope! Dental Tourism is booming for its Service and Prices Together. On the top of that add the spirit of Belgrade and famous Nightlife. Getting a perfect smile with Dentist in Belgrade is the wise decision!


Quality of service in Belgrade

Despite all the above-listed benefits that Belgrade offers the primary desire of everyone who decides to install implants is the quality of the service received. Who offer the quality in Belgrade? Who speaks English and on who you can lean on? Check on the top of the page for the Highlighted Dental Clinics.


Does Dentist in Belgrade Speak English?


In Good quality modern Dental Clinic Dentist do speak English well. You will be able to communicate without any issues. Dont expect level of UK English though. Your only concern is to find the best guy out there. Then to book your appointment on time. Sit and Relax. You will be in the good hands over here. If you are native English speaking person our advice would be to speak slowly without an accent. Or with at least accent and slang as possible.


Dental Implants in Belgrade


Dental Implants in Belgrade done in just few days!

Time! If you want to get your smile quick enough, then make sure to contact the Dental Clinic at least 30 days in advance.  Clinics that we recommend will provide you luxury accommodation and all day medical assistance if needed. There is a chance to get everything done is just 48 hours. But we suggest you to take a brake and stay 7 days in Belgrade. Relax, Belgrade is an interesting city. Beside getting your smile done you will have a good time!


The Perfect Smile in Belgrade

Looking for the best Dentist in Belgrade? READ this article before heading to a Dentist in Belgrade! Ended up in Belgrade while Holidaying? Or you are living as an Expat! Having trouble or a pain with your teeth? Be sure that you will be satisfied with professional assistance that many of the Dental Clinics in Belgrade has to offer. Beside the most of Dentists in Belgrade do speak English they also have professional approach to the patients and their work. Prices in Belgrade are awesome. Yap! When you compare with elsewhere in the Western world you will find that Belgrade rocks!

There are more then 100 Dental Clinics in Belgrade, Serbia. Some of them are highly equipped with the latest technology and highly educated staff. Some of them have the most modern approach in solving not such an easy surgery’s. Who are the best ones? Check at the top of this page Highlighted Clinics and Experts!



Dentist in Belgrade

Make your smile perfect with choosing the best Dentist in Belgrade.


Best Dentist in Belgrade?


What to expect from Belgrade? Best Dentist in Belgrade? Best is a price for a dental work? How many dentists are in Belgrade? Can you can walk in to Dentist in Belgrade?  How much 3d dental scan cost?  Can you just walk into a dentist in Belgrade? Are the dentists in Belgrade Professional? How to find Dentist in Belgrade who speaks english?

There are quite a lot of Dental Clinics in Belgrade and most of them are offering good service both to locals and foreigners. Be aware that some out there are unprofessional and that some are doing serious job. Good ones are keeping up easily with the world highest standards. If you have more questions get in touch with us. We will get u in touch with the Belgrade Masters.




There are people traveling to Belgrade only for for the Dental help. They have issues in their countries. But the price is a big factor when it comes to the teeth treatments. Some of most of the expensive insurances do not cover dental issues. You do know that Insurances do not want to pay for your Teeth. Nothing new there. But did you know that Serbian people are insured automatically and can ask for a Dentist assistance without paying insane amounts. For sure there are benefits being Serbian. In the past 10 years people were mostly visiting Belgrade from the USA, Canada, UK, Germany and Swiss. There is a story from a Canadian guy who was asked to pay almost 100 k usd for the dental surgery back in Toronto Canada. He was one among many who looked for the help among dentists in Belgrade.


Dont Get Confused!

Don’t get confused with Serbian economy. Overall country as Swiss or Sweden are doing amazing with the Middle Class. Serbia is definitely Behind with providing the same salaries for the middle class. But dont forget that same or similar quality of life is offered for the less money. When it comes to the Dental treatments Belgrade staff has professional approach. Good treatment and excellent equipment! Hospitalisation and proper recovery conditions are included in the service. Be SURE that in Belgrade you will get same or even better service then in other developed countries. If you are looking for a different medical advice check out the Belgrade Hospitals.


Teeth Whiting in Belgrade


Make your smile great again! People get attract to the beautiful smile and the clean white teeth. Smile tells pretty much everything about the person you are dealing with. Taking care of your health and taking care of your look is equally important nowadays. Check Belgrade dental clinics services and prices at the top of this page. Check out techniques they use. And then compare with the same services back in your home country.

When you fix your smile you can take a walk into the popular Belgrade Nightlife.


Dental Clinics Belgrade Serbia

White Teeth make you look better and boost your confidence.


Where to go? 


Finding a good dentist can be quite difficult – especially in foreign country where you don’t know whom to trust or where to go. When it comes to medical tourism in general Belgrade is a great place to get yourself done. You’ll find that our prices are lower up to 10 times than in other European city’s. You will find out that service over here is highly professional. We have great medical stuff and highly educated experts in all areas of medicine. At the top of this page you’ll find recommendations for best dentists in Belgrade. We did a research for you and found some of the best dental Clinics in Belgrade.



Here are some of the Dental Clinics in Belgrade


Notice: For the BEST Dentist in Belgrade Check at the top of our page! 




Do you know who makes your life better? People who makes you healthy and pretty are essentially the masters of the world. Some of the people here in Belgrade are not at first sight visible. They don’t work on being at the first places on Google. They are doing amazing dental work but marketing is something that they dont take it to seriously. And why would they? Their work is recognised among their clients and they are always fully booked.

People whose knowledge, skills and effort make your smile look unique and beautiful! Dental laboratory Bulić is a family company that was found in the 1990s in Belgrade. From its very beginning the basic idea was professional improvement. Application of modern materials that leads to top-level prosthetic solutions. Intensive advancement of technology. High end materials and their implementation in everyday practice with an individual approach. For them the each patient is equally important. Dental clinic Bulic is  highly equipped with a technology. On your service is only the top team of experts. Master Laboratory is a title that crowned a four-year education in the Bredent academy Senden, Germany and after a series of certified procedures. CDT Sasa Bulic is a certified bredent international master. Among the other things he is engaged in lectures education and training colleagues all around the world. He is the one of the four founders of the prestigious Association of Aesthetic Dentistry of Serbia. Dr. Bogdan Bulic is the second generation that continues to raise the ladders. Aesthetic dentistry and implant prosthetics are the fields in which patient’s demands are most complex. This is where knowledge, function, skills, art and passion meet. They are not a factory, they are not the “mass” industry of smiles. They think your smile is worth much more and they are ready to spend their time till perfection.




Beldental is a dental practice with a long family tradition, dedicated to providing the ultimate care of mouth and tooth health. Their successful and quality dental practice is based on: dedication to the dentist’s call, apply of the latest technologies and tracking trends in dental science and industry, constant improvement and search for better practical solutions for improving the service, cultivating the patient’s awareness of maintaining the health of teeth and mouth so that their professional help is rarely needed. The most important for them is that their patient has confidence in their work. They are located right in the city centre, on address Prote Mateje 24, Vracar.


Belladent Estetic 


Belladent Estetic is Belgrade based dental studio. It offers patients a wide variety of both classic and cosmetic dental services. Beside that they offer plenty of anti-ageing treatments as well. From basic dental services to the most complex oral interventions such as dental implants, complete or partial dentures. Then oral surgery or Hollywood Smile veneers. Their dedicated team of professionals puts your smile and your health at the absolute first place on their priority list. Besides dental service they become famous with an anti-ageing treatments. Those treatments are particularly popular among the local clients from Belgrade Serbia. What treatments are those? Hiyaluron Acid , Lypolise, Botox, Mesotherapy, Chemical Peels and Dermapen Treatments. All of this makes Belladent Estetic a one-stop solution both for your teeths and for your beauty. With almost 3 decades of tradition and experience this dental studio offers top quality dental service. Costumers reviews are amazing. They do value their health and appearance. Belladent Estetic is located in Belgrade’s posh area Vracar. Just few min by taxi from the city centre. Street us Krunska and address number is 33. Krunska Street is one of the most beautiful streets in Belgrade.


Merkur Markom


Dental practice Merkur Markom is located in the heart of the city at Skadarska Street . The newest generation of dental devices allows the interventions to pass without any pain. They offer fast and more efficient service. They say its safer and above all the best solutions for their patients. Metal ceramic crowns and bridges, non-metallic ceramic crowns and bridges. Installation of implants and besmetal facets are only some of the things they can do for their patients. Merkur Markom are professionals!




Another Dentist in Belgrade. Beowhitedent is known for creating the most beautiful smiles in a very pleasant ambience. Their friendly staff is there to help you get rid of fear and pain with professional work with the latest equipment and materials. Their Staff is professional. They will assist you with all potential questions you have. They will assist you with info on your concerns. Their job is to make sure that you get the right oral health. The dental office Beowhitedent is located in the city center five minutes away from the Republic Square. Across from the church Aleksandar Nevski. They provide quality dental services from the domain of dental implantology, oral surgery, prosthetics, paradontology of orthodontics, aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry. In addition to talking with the patient, on the basis of dental examination and analysis of X Ray images. They will present the treatment plan the course and the duration of treatment. You can count on their professional approach to an each patient that walk in their clinic. You will get modern diagnostics and an advice on how to solve your health or aesthetic problem. All of that with accordance with your requirements and your abilities. For the past 7 years of their existence there have been numerous successful works in all areas of dentistry as evidenced by a large number of satisfied patients.