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Why people need Divorce Lawyers? Half of the marriages in EU are ended up with a Divorce. Finland is leading in Europe with 60 % Divorce rate. Sweden and France are on 55%. USA and UK are around 50%. Number of divorced couples would be even Higher if there are no mortgages on a houses and kids around.


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So why people get Married then?


If you think logically why would someone take such a big Risk? People are getting married even though they are aware of a High Divorce Risks. Society represented Marriage as a Fairy Tales while legally speaking it’s a contract between two. Since most of a couples see it as a Fairy tale they are not bothering to sign a contract. Mostly Man are afraid of what would women say. They are risking a lot with a blurry Vision of reality. Statistic shows that those who signed Prenuptial Agreement are  way better off. This agreement states exactly what happens to finances and assets during and if divorce happens. Before Wedding in Belgrade we strongly suggest you that you Contact a Family Lawyer. Get your agreement done and signed. If that’s a braking point then let it be.


What are the TOP 5 Reasons for Divorce?


  • Adultery! When Partner have Sex Affair outside the marriage.


  • Money and Finance. Money arguments and financial issues.


  • Communication Issues.


  • Addiction. Alcohol, Medication, Porn and Gambling


  • Falling out of Love. Emotions are gone.


Dissolution of marriage is something that no family wants. But if it happens you will want to be in the right hands. Divorce is absolutely related to a Family Law. So Divorce Lawyer is actually a Family Law Lawyer. Most of a lawyers who study family law are doing divorce cases.


Divorce Lawyers

What do you need to know before getting a Divorce? 


Is Divorce Expensive in Belgrade Serbia?


This depends from three primary factors. Prenuptial Agreement, Your Assets and your Partner behaviour. If you sign a Pre Marriage Agreement you will be fine. It will not cost much. If you haven’t done it it might cost you a fortune. Depends from your partner and from your Income. How to get out from a mess with at least damage as possible? You would have to contact a specialist and get quoted. Luckily Law in Serbia is Clear. There are quite a lot Divorce Lawyers out there. Check at the top of the page for an Experts!


Hot to FIND a BEST Divorce Lawyer in Belgrade Serbia?


There are a Few Ways how to find the right legal representatives. You can ask your Serbian Friends, Google it and Check At the Top of this page for our recommendation. Put your questions together and book your consultations.


Additional Tips


If you have a court hearing or a trial always be on time. Traffic in Belgrade can be chaotic sometimes. We suggest you to use some of a trusted Taxis in Belgrade. Can you trust to a Divorce Lawyers in Serbia? If you have chosen the right one the answer is Absolutely YES. Don’t go for Cheap Agents it might cost you way more at the end of the road.