DJ Karmon in Belgrade

     Karmon in Belgrade club Brankow

One of the many interesting things that has come out of Amsterdam is certainly DJ Karmon , the actual multi talented young Dutch producer and international DJ. After performing around the world , he is coming to Belgrade, where Belgrade audience will finally be able to hear Karmon at the club Brankow on the March 7th.

DJ Karmon

DJ Karmon

His distinctive deep house sound was heard last year in Ibiza, and recently Karmon performed at the famous festival in Wonderland, Amsterdam. In just two years, Karmon achieved remarkable success! He built a distinctive style after experimenting with different directions of electronic music. Shortly after his debut release ” Turning Point” , followed by ” Wowshit ” for the publishing house of the legendary Solomon – Dynamic. The fresh sound of this young disc jockeys attracted the attention of Solomon, who started to play Karmon’s song ” Nobody Else ” on his performances.

For his creative work , Karmon gets his inspiration life and different music genres , from jazz to hard rock. Growing up in a musically talented family that often played tennis, Karmon first met with the vinyl when he was 14 years old. Then his brother bought his first vinyl and then two turntables and mixer.

Now, as an experienced and world popular DJ artist, Karmon will light the dance floor at the club Brankow in Belgrade!