Dog friendly spots in Belgrade

Thinking about traveling abroad but you don’t want to leave your dog at home? Well, Belgrade might be just a perfect place for you! It’s a beautiful city, the capital and the largest city in Serbia. Famous for its food, good wine, hospitality and nightlife. The first thing you’ll find out about Belgrade – the variety of our clubs and parties is huge. Parties here are held every night, from Monday until Sunday, they start at midnight and last until early morning hours. And each year this number is increasing since taking your dog anywhere is getting more and more popular, and Belgrade is following this trend. In this article you’ll find some of the best dog friendly spots in the our city. Do

g friendly spots in Belgrade


  • Couple of years ago you were not able to take your dog to the restaurant. Now, this is very easy, and almost every restaurant in Belgrade is dog friendly. One of the best restaurants in the city, Toro Latin Gastro Bar, located at the pedestrian area – Beton Hala, which is known for many clubs, rich nightlife offer, restaurants and bars, and also with a beautiful view to the river. Those are only some of the reasons why we recommend this place. The food is amazing, the ambient is great, and your dog will be hosted too! Make sure to check this place out!
Dog friendly spots in Belgrade

Toro Latin Gastro Bar

  • Dudurudu winery and restaurant – another place you have to check out which is also pet friendly! It is located at Sava Mala, part of the city known for many bars and underground club scene. Dudurudu is a new place looking to preserve old traditions. You’ll enjoy good wine, carefully chosen menu, and pleasant music.


  • Kafeterija Przionica – coffee place, very special and very different from pretty much any other. There is no bar in classical sense, the entire space is open and it is encouraging discussion and education about coffee. It is located at Dorcol, in the heart of the city. The concept is anti-industrial and implies selection of the best Arabic from selected plantations, frying in a specific way in small quantities and paying particular attention to the quality of the preparation of each beverage. It has a small number of seating positions, it doesn’t work in the evening, smoking is not allowed, and there is not any other beverage other than filtered water and coffee. And of course, your dog is more than welcome!
Dog friendly spots in Belgrade


  • Panta Rei – another one that you might really like. Located at Dorcol as well, with an amazing view to the Danube river. You’ll enjoy their great choice of food in friendly atmosphere with an amazing stuff that will make sure your stay in their restaurant is pleasant and enjoyable. It is located at Danube quay, one of the main pedestrian areas in Belgrade. Be sure to check this one out!
Dog friendly spots in Belgrade

Sunset at Panta Rei

  • Blaznavac – very cute and very colorful place! It has 30 spots inside and 100 in the garden. The concept of the place is unique and special. You have to go and see it for yourself! Very cheerful, with bright colors and vintage furniture. Variety of beverages is big, there are plenty of freshly squeezed juices, vegan friendly sweets and it is dog friendly! We believe you will enjoy this place! Don’t miss to check it out. It is also located at Dorcol, at Kneginje Ljubice Street.