Famous people at „Mr. Stefan Braun“ club

Belgrade club „Mr. Stefan Braun“ from time to time gives a chance for VIPs to show their humanity and enjoy the party at the same time. This time audicence was entertained by singers Marko Zujovic and Teodora Bakovic. Later that night, we saw famous guests such as Ognjen Kajganic, serbian handball player (who, by the way, has become a father recently) and one another VIP from the sport world – voleyball player Edin Skoric.
Hosts of the show, Marina Kotevski and Vlada Stanojevic, helped gathering money for 21 years old Danijela Kovacevic from Indjija who has been in coma for the last four years after a childbirth.
Serbian capitol, known for its great night life, confirmed it again.