Feel the “real spirit of Belgrade”

Feel the “real spirit of Belgrade”

Belgrade is full of history and you need more than one day to explore it. Even for the locals, we learn something new every day about our beautiful city. For tourists, it’s a whole new world. So while you visiting our capital, make time to Feel the “real spirit of Belgrade”. Lets start with the heart of Belgrade – Skadarlija (Skadarska street).

Skadarlija is one of the oldest parts of Belgrade, bohemian street and the heart of the city. Time eclipse didn’t enter yet there, so you will feel like you are in different era while walking the road. Many restaurants there are one of the oldest restaurants in Belgrade.  If you want to try traditional Serbian cuisine (we made it perfect during centuries) we warmly suggest lovely restaurant Tri Sesira

Beautiful ambient, great food, and helpful stuff will make you feel remarkable. They will help you to pick perfect dish for yourself, and you will find perfect balance in their menu for every taste. 

Try ‘Serbian coffee” with some traditional sweets called ” Orasnice”

Every time is perfect time for a glass of wine!

Looks tasty, right?

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