Finding accommodation in Belgrade

Finding accommodation in any place that you visit can be a major source of stress. Great accommodation is a combination of many factors, such as pleasant staff, central location (or close to your places of interest), cleanliness, and comfort. However, thanks to the growing number of tourists that visit the Serbian capital, the choice of accommodation in this city has improved a lot over the past few years. Visitors can now enjoy a great variety of hotels in every price range, from budget to luxury, and with all kinds of facilities, depending on what you like. Finding accommodation in Belgrade: location If you are coming to Belgrade for the first time, or if you have a meeting somewhere in Belgrade, than location of the hotel/hostel is of huge importance to you. The main railway and bus station are close to the city center, and you will find many hotels in their surroundings. This location is particularly useful if you want to visit a lot of sights and you don’t have a lot of time to use public transport or walk around. Hotel Townhouse 27 is a boutique hotel with perfect location close both to the bus and the main railway station, as well as the main pedestrian zone and famous sights. If you are looking for a slightly more budget-friendly variety, then you should look up the Jasmin hostel. This hostel is located ideally, just across the street from the main bus terminal.


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Many hotels are located in Novi Beograd, which is a new part of the city (novi means new in Serbian). This part is characterized by blocks of apartments and big boulevards, and it is not particularly interesting for tourists (compared to the old part of the city, of course). However, if you are coming to Belgrade for a business meeting, chances are you are going to need a hotel in this part of the city. The majority of offices are places in business blocks around Novi Beograd. This part of the city is very well connected to the rest of Belgrade by busses and trolleys, so you can reach the center quite easily if you decide to stay here. Accommodation in five-star hotels in Belgrade Belgrade has much to offer when it comes to luxury hotels. Some of these belong to the well-known hotel chains that operate all over the world, while some are restored hotels that have become symbols of the capital city. Hotel Square Nine is a great example of a hotel that very well fits into the surrounding neighborhood, while at the same time it offers a luxury place to stay in Belgrade. The interior of the hotel is decorated with many pieces of antique furniture, such as sofas, chairs, tables, and bars stools, which have been bought at the auctions around the world. This hotel is also very popular for its special offers, than often combine offers related to food and spa treatments. If you are looking for a place to stay that is close to the center, that is decorated with great taste, and that has very good special offers, this is the place for you. On the other hand, Hyatt Regency is a hotel from a large international chain, that guarantees its guest maximum satisfaction, through its wide variety of facilities and offers. This hotel is located in Novi Beograd, very close to a shopping center and a number of business centers and offices, which makes it a perfect choice for businessmen. Some of the five-star hotels that you can also choose in Belgrade include the Metropol palace, Belgrade Crown Plaza and the Zlatnik Hotel.

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Accommodation in four- and three-star hotels in Belgrade Even though five-star hotels are incomparable in their luxury, you can easily find accommodation in slightly more budget-friendly hotels that offer great service and location as well. Four-star hotels like Zira, Evropa, and Beograd Art hotel, and three-star options such as the Belgrade City Hotel, Trim Hotel and Le Petit Piaf, all offer excellent value for money. They are all centrally-located, close to shopping centers, sights and pedestrian areas, and modern in their design. Hotel Zira is one of the newly-opened hotels in the Serbian capital, and it is a common location for a number of business conferences, and other events. It has received recommendations for its services from a number of travel sites and associations. Accommodation in Belgrade hostels and apartments Young tourists typically look for accommodation that is not too pricey, but still has everything you need for a pleasant stay: comfortable and clean room, basic facilities, and friendly staff. A large number of hostels and apartments in Belgrade offers just that, for a price that will suit even the most tight budget. Hostels with ideal location and service include the Cricket hostel, the Belgrade Eye, Parliament, Hedonist, and many others.