First time in Belgrade

Belgrade, meaning “white city”, the capital and the largest city in Serbia, lies on confluence of two big European rivers, Danube and Sava. Modern and Cool with long history and cultural importance, city that never sleeps, city that has it all! First time in Belgrade? Experience it, feel its glory and enjoy its beauty.

First time in Belgrade Dunav

First thing that you should know – the only currency in Belgrade is Serbian dinar – RSD around (1 euro = 117 RSD/ at this moment ). Most of the people in Belgrade use public transport to get around the city, since it’s still pretty cheap and all parts of the city are very well connected so it’s easy to get around by bus or tram. Other options are to use either CarGo – Serbian version of Uber or regular taxi. You will find that prices of transfer are much lower than in other European cities.

Before coming to Belgrade, make sure to explore all accommodation options. You can rent an apartment, that might be the cheapest option, or if you’re looking for something more exclusive, book a room in some of many hotels in Belgrade. Notice: Here is the list of top 5 star hotels. If you’re coming for special occasion, birthday, wedding, bachelor or bachelorette party, Belgrade at Night crew has it all. If you are coming in a peak season, make sure to book your accommodation or a table in Belgrade Clubs, one month or at least couple of weeks in advance.

First time in Belgrade Moskva

Once that you’re all settled, it’s time to explore Belgrade! You must know that we are famous after our many food specialities as sarma, Serbian dish made of minced meat and Cabbage, or Prebranac, dish made of beans with Kobasica or Slanina. This, and all the other specialities you can find in one of our many restaurants. If you’re looking for a meal with a view, check Beton Hala. This Belgrade area is known after many bars, clubs and restaurants. Skadarlija or Skadarska Street, the Bohemian part of the city which still preserves our history and culture, place where you can feel the spirit of old times. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, check the list of vegan friendly restaurants here.

First time in Belgrade Beton hala

Belgrade is the city that really has it all. It’s the place with many activities or attractions for each’s taste. If you’re into sports, Ada Ciganlija lake is perfect choice for you. This lake is the place where you can relax, restart your thoughts, enjoy the sun and nature. It has a beach for swimming and sunbathing, volleyball and tennis courts, places to rent a bike or rollerblades, many bars and coffee places. There you can go for wake boarding or water skiing, and it’s only 15 minutes away from the city center! Near Ada Ciganlija, there’s amazing Kosutnjak park and forest. On the edge of nature, but still so close from urban part of the city. It’s a place for working out or jogging on its trim path.

First time in Belgrade Ada

The Main Street – Knez Mihailova, turned into the walking area, street where you can feel the true spirit of this amazing city. On each step you’ll see local artists and their work exposed, you’ll hear many musicians performing for people passing through the street. It’s a place to enjoy art during your afternoon walk. Crowded with people, with many stores, shopping malls, restaurants, coffee places and bars.

First time in Belgrade kknez

Kalemegdan fortress is located right in the city center, with breathtaking view of two rivers “collapsing” into each one. Enjoy the sunset from one of Kalemegdan’s bars or restaurants, or just from one of the benches from the park.

First time in Belgrade Kalis