Friday I’m in love with Bohemian lifestyle

Friday I’m in love with Bohemian lifestyle 


You need  bohemian leisure before crazy friday night?

Tri sesira is a right place for you and your friends to spend quality time, drinking best wine and having unique experience in one of the oldest restaurants  in  Belgrade.

  Skadarlija or Skadarska Street is one of the oldest streets in Belgrade and a top destination to visit, for tourists and locals alike. This charming cobblestone street, still harbouring the sentimental feel of times long passed, hides in it’s winding paths a true pearl among restaurants in Europe, preserving the culture and culinary flavours of the old continent.

While enjoying the pleasant ambience of this traditional home, adorned with photos of old Belgrade, one is magically transported to a time long gone. The restaurant also includes a charming garden, where guests can enjoy listening to one of the five bands playing centuries old traditional Serbian music.

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