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Funeral is a ceremony that is used to honor a life of deceased. Death is an integral part of life. According to Orthodox Christian belief it is the transition from earthly temporary life to heavenly eternal life. The transition to eternal life is not unnatural. Death begins the path to eternity. It comes through the Resurrection. If you found your self unprepared you should know that there are professional Funeral Homes in Belgrade.


Unprepared for a Funeral in Serbia? Get to know this FIRST!


When a death occurs relatives of a deceased face many issues. In addition to the understandable emotional shock there are many doubts that are even greater if a death occurred suddenly. Relatives and closest friends should be informed about the death first. Then they should inform other acquaintances. In this way news spreads very quickly. There is a rule. The closest ones should come immediately to a house of the deceased. In the Serbian Country Side people brings coffee, drinks and groceries along. If you are very close with a family custom is to offer family some money. Only if they need it. Could be a loan or a grant. Priest should be informed on time.


Funeral Homes in Belgrade Serbia

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Wear Black at a Funeral in Serbia


Black is a sign of mourning. Family should dressed Black as soon as death occur. Black is worn by the closest relatives as well. Cloths that you choose to wear does not necessarily have to be newly purchased. Its important to be black colour. If you do not have anything black with you, its not an issue. Just visit some of  Shopping Malls in Belgrade. You can get your laundry done in a day. Check good Laundry places in Belgrade.


How to Express Condolence on Serbian Orthodox Funeral?


“Primite moje duboko saucesce”  means I am very sorry for your loss!

Custom is that close friends and colleagues visit a Family before funeral and to express their condolence. If you are not able to come to a family house you should go directly to a funeral. Before funeral service begins expresses your condolences to a family. If you are not able to attend in person make sure to send flowers or to send someone to attend from your close family. If you are not able to come and there is no one to attend from your close family then make sure to send a telegram.


Funeral procedure for a Orthodox Serbian Family


Family should be in the chapel just next to a coffin one hour before Funeral service began. Family should wear black and stands to the right (viewed from the front door of the chapel). Funeral attenders should approach each family member and express their condolences. Its common to bring flowers or wreaths along. You can purchase them at Cemetery area.


Going to a Family Home after Funeral in Belgrade Serbia

Family of a deceased will invite everyone present to come to their home after funeral. Custom in Serbia is that food is already prepared. Somewhere at the head of a table there is an empty spot left. Its an empty place where no one sits. It is intended for a deceased. Good to know: Orthodox Church does not require service of food after a funeral. This is a custom from a folk tradition. In any case getting too much drinks should be avoided.

Notice: If you need help to get your Home Clean and Ready for Guests check professional Cleaning agencies in Belgrade.


Deceased Transportation or Funeral Transportation

If you are planning to do International Deceased Transportation make sure to have all documents ready. Good Funeral Homes can do all the paperwork for you. Check on the top of our page for a Funeral Homes recommendation.


Follow these STEPS

The hardest day in every person life is when your family member die. Sadness, confusion and lack of rest. On the top of that you are required to organise a funeral. Obligated to think about things that you never though about before. Legal staff. What would a member want. List of people that you need to contact and tell them about the loss. This all can be really stressful. Study shown that most of the families never talk about dead. Dont talk about funerals and thats exactly what makes things even more complicated. aWe don’t want to think about it, but there is value in thinking ahead and being prepared for an event that we will all face someday. We have tried to make it as simple as possible here. Follow these STEPS.


  • First step would be to contact your close family members
  • With close family members discuss about Funeral
  • If there are no proper recommendations then you might follow our suggestion on this page
  • Set up your average budget
  • When u choose among funeral homes then ask them for a detailed procedure and timing
  • Follow the Religious and Cultural needs of your family member


Ask about Costs

Funerals includes services which consists of legal arrangements with the cemetery, death certificate and plannings of a funeral. Then Services as flowers, Coffin and Headstone style. Ask about costs in details. By the law they have to give you all the details and costs. Getting this information early will help you to decide. The Cheapest options are not the best. Keep that in mind.