General Rules

Belgrade Nightclubs are divided into Summer Clubs and Winter clubs. Belgrade Clubs are also divided into Mainstream and Alternative ones. Summer ones are located at the Belgrade Rivers. They are better known as Splavs. Splavs are one of the biggest attractions in Belgrade. Winter ones are located in the downtown area. Alternative don’t have strict dress code. Drinks are cheaper and there can be an entry fee. Mainstream request prior reservation which means that you will be at the guest list. Mainstream do not charge entry fees. Check out the hot tips and the General Rules.

What is the hottest Nightclub in Belgrade?


First step would be to find out the best party spot. How to do that? Belgrade at Night is absolutely neutral and realistic. Whats app us and find out where is the hot party at.


General Rules

General Rules




How to enter to a Belgrade Club?


Belgrade clubs do not charge fees but they make money from selling drinks. So they are very much into detail choosing who will enter and whos not. You have to have a reservation to enter. Reservation means that your name is on a Guest list. Our service will put your name at the guest list absolutely free of charge.

Good to know: If you are coming in a group, there is only one name needed for the guest list. Lets say Nicolas, so you all of you have to say Nicolas reservation to a doorman.


Different type of reservations


There are several types of reservation in Belgrade clubs. Most popular are Separe ( Vip Tables ). Heaving a vip tables means that you can party hard and invite anyone you want for your table space. We can manage that your table is located in the heart of a party. Heaving a table in the heart of the party is the best Belgrade Experience that you could possible have. Minimum spending depends from a night out. Week days from 1 – 2 bottles and Weekends 2 bottles minimum. If you divide this between few buddies of yours you all good to go. Another type are bar tables. Those tables are standing ones. Not the best experience. Very often no minimum spending’s. High seat tables are something in between VIP and Bar tables. Not every club has them. Most of the clubs has a place by a bar. Place by a bar can be fun If you have cool crew of people next to you to party with.


Meeting the Doorman


Don’t be late for the Belgrade Clubs. It might ruin your experience. Doorman’s job is to make sure that guests are coming on time, guest list, proper dress code, that no one already drunk enter to the club. With services like Belgrade at Night you can pass this step easier then harder. HOW? If the club is packed and there is a line in a front we will get you in with minimal waiting.


Pro tip: Don’t be rude at the door.


 After passing a Doorman


After you enter to a club you will end up in the hands of a Hostess. Just a second before that you will be asked for a reservation name one more time. This time by a Reservation booking personal. Hostess will take you to your party area.


Hot tip: Book a table with a service like ours. Why? Because service like ours will manage that you get the best spot in a Club.


Tipping Protocol


Who do you need to tip? If you have a host that takes you out, then tip a Host. If you go out yourself then tip for a waiter that serves you. How much to tip? It really depends from you and your personal experience.


Bottle Service


General Rules with a Bottle Service in Belgrade clubs! First of all  its an amazing experience. Overall is a super smart. How come? Ordering a single shot by glass can get you in a situation that you forgot how many drinks you have ordered. Especially if there is a big group of people. Having a bottle it means that you know exactly what you have order and what you have to pay.




General Rules in Belgrade Clubs

General Rules in Belgrade Clubs



What time does clubs open / close


General rules are that clubs starts at 00 and party last till 4-5 am. Each club has its own strategy. Our suggestion is to be on time.

Getting to your accommodation after Clubbing ends


This is the down side. Have to be realistic and tell you to watch out on your ride back home. It is supper busy in the Belgrade Nightlife, especially on weekends. After club’s hours everyone are trying to get a hold of a taxi. At some point you are just hungry or tired and want to get in a car and go back to your next destination. Make sure not to sit in an illegal taxi. How to avoid this spoiling your night? Easiest would be if Belgrade at Night helps you or if you go alone then some of your local friends. You can also get a ride back home with a private driver. How much that cost? Around 30 euros per car. Read out more about taxis in Belgrade.


Hottest tip: Smile on your face, have fun and party hard!