Good dinner before the clubs

Good dinner before the clubs

Before crazy night out, we all know that Good dinner before the clubs is something elementary.

Before heading to the club why not head down to Skadalija and have some dinner at one of the best restaurants in Belgrade –  Tri Sesira (Three Hats). Tri Sesira has traditional Serbian food, and best  local beers, ask your waiter to also try a traditional Rakija (traditional Serbian beverage. IMPORTANT MOTICE: you will like it!). It is ideal for a romantic dinner or just a good time with great food with your friends.

Restaurant is situated at Bohemian part of a city. Skadarlija or Skadarska Street is one of the oldest streets in Belgrade and a top destination to visit, for tourists and locals alike. This charming cobblestone street, still harbouring the sentimental feel of times long passed. Hides in it’s winding paths a true pearl among restaurants in Europe.

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Good dinner before the clubs - Belgrade at night Good dinner before the clubs - Belgrade at night