Good for a Rainy Day

Bad weather, constant rain and wind can get pretty annoying especially when you are travelling and have limited time to spend in one city or a country. Feels like waste of time spending your vacation in rented apartment or hotel room. Well, even if you hit rainy days in Belgrade, boring time won’t be the case! Belgrade is an inspiring and amazing city, located on collidance of two epic rivers – Danube and Sava.

Good for a rainy day Usce

One of the things you can always do in Belgrade is Partying! Here in Belgrade, clubs are open every single day in the week! The variety is HUGE. You can choose each night between mainstream scene and underground which is known for best after parties that last even until early afternoon. During the summer, clubs are located on the rivers, floating around. Open air, river located, Belgrade Summer clubs are named splavs. When the rain comes, they get a new shape, so that the party can be always on! Nightlife is one of the main reasons why people decide to visit Belgrade at first place. It is what our city is famous for. You will here some referring to Belgrade as “The New Berlin”, and if you are into clubbing make sure to come and find out why!


Good for a rainy day nightlife

Shopping Malls are always interesting choice on the rainy days. The newest one – Ada Mall, and also the biggest one, is located near Ada Ciganlija lake. Beside Nightlife the most popular tourist attractions in the city is Ada. Over there u can do (swimming, Skating, bicycling, rollerblading, water skiing, SUP boarding, bungee jumping, etc.). This Mall has the beautiful huge balcony from where you can enjoy the breath-taking view on Belgrade. Another popular one is – Rajiceva Mall. It is located right at the city center, in Knez Mihailova Street, which is main pedestrian and shopping area of the city. There are few more worth mentioning like Usce Shopping Mall, Delta City, Big Fashion, etc. Variety of stores and activities in the malls are huge.

Good for a rainy day Ada Mall

Good for Rainy day would be spending time with your buddies in some of the popular Belgrade restaurants. Once you are in our city, make sure to try our food. Belgradians and Serbs in general are very happy to offer our dishes. There are more than several quiet good restaurants in the city with great vibe and also the great service. Also, there are many bars where you can taste different types of Rakija ( Serbian national alcoholic beverage