Good For Kids

Are you thinking about traveling abroad with your family? Well, Belgrade might be just perfect place for all of you! It’s the city good for all generations, kids can enjoy in some of the day activities, while older can enjoy with glass of wine in some of most popular restaurants and bars. Nightlife is there for everyone from the age of 21 and older! In this article you will find places and activities suitable for kids.

Good for kids Nightlife


  1. Ada Ciganlija Lake– it’s an artificial lake located only 15 minutes away from the city center. Here, from the beginning of May and until the end of August among many other activities you and your kids can enjoy water skiing and SUP boarding. You will be in the good hands; lessons are leaded by professional team. There are also more than a few really nice beaches guided by lifeguards where your kids can swim and enjoy the Sun. Ada Ciganlija  has a bungee jumping platform that is also available for minors with presence and written permission of one of the parents. Another activity Ada offer and your kids and you can enjoy together is playing volleyball, golf or tennis on some of the sports fields at the Ada lake.
Good for Kids Ada


  1. Swimming pools– during the hot summer days what is better than spending a day with your family at the swimming pool? Swimming, sun-bathing, having a cold lemonades and ice-cream? Sound good? Check some of Belgrades swimming pools and enjoy a day out with your family!



  1. Crna Ovca ice cream – Crna Ovca is kind of a cool hipster Ice Cream shop, and it is tastyyyy! First day when they started working, they had 16 flavors, and in next 47 days, they expend to 48. Currently that number is over 150, and they’ve stopped counting. Their tastes are unique, they’re trying not to have limits and boundaries when it comes to mixing flavors and that is what makes their ice cream special.


  1. Museum of Illusions – this museum is a place for fun for the whole society and a journey into a world that will enchant you and confuse your senses! This is the place for new experiences and enjoyment with your friends and family. Not only kids will enjoy here, but everyone, because we all want some magic in life, a little miracle and a little challenge. Some of the illusions that are waiting for you are Vortex Tunnel. Vortex will completely ignore you and make you struggle to progress through the rotating cylinder and strive to make every next step on a completely flat and stable surface, mirror room – where you will lose yourself in infinity, hologram and optical illusions – where you will be reminded that everything we think we know about the world we see sometimes are really just our assumptions, didactic-logic games so as many other illusions that will “blow your mind!”.
Good for Kids Museum of Illusions


  1. The Belgrade Zoo – It has been founded in 1936. by the mayor, industrialist, Mr. Vlada Ilic. The first inhabitants of the garden were: lions, leopards, white and brown bears, wolves, macaques and monkey monkeys, antelope… Soon after its opening, the Belgrade Zoo became one of the most popular places in the city among both locals and tourists. The surface of the Garden currently is about seven hectares. Working hours are everyday from 8am until 7.30pm. Entrance is between 2 euros and 4 euros.



  1. Botanical Garden “Jevremovac” Belgrade – The Botanical Garden is located in the central city zone and represents, besides the collection of values it possesses, a green parkland of special ecological importance for Belgrade. It was founded by Serbian botanist, a doctor with a PhD in medical sciences, Josif Pancic. In the Botanical Garden today, there are more than 350 species of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants, totaling more than 1500 specimens. In addition to the open-air plants and in the green garden, here is also a Herbarium – one of the most important collections in Southeast Europe, which preserves more than 180 thousand vascular plants, moss and algae. Part of the collection is the herbarium of Josif Pancic from 1860. This is the place where your kids can have fun and learn at the same time. There are several work-classes during the year organized by University of Biology in Belgrade where your kids can sign at.