Holiday packages for travelers in Serbia

Depending on what you are looking for in a holiday, Belgrade, as well as other tourist destinations in Serbia, offer many holiday packages suited to your interests and needs. There are Belgrade packages that can introduce you to the city, its history, culture and the beautiful modern lifestyle of this city, as well as those for people looking for an active holiday or a tour of most famous Serbian attractions.

Belgrade packages for history lovers

Many tourists who come to Belgrade are interested to find out more about its history and how it became the city it is today. That is why many Belgrade packages include tours of its most famous historic sights, and attractions such as monuments, museums, famous buildings and landmarks. The Belgrade Fortress (Kalemegdan) has to be number one on the list, as this is the place where you can find out a lot about the city’s rich history, while at the same time you can spend a whole day strolling down its narrow paths, relaxing
under the treetops and enjoying the amazing view. The location of the Fortress was convenient as it allowed the settlers to retain control of the Belgrade rivers, and that is the reason why it has been inhabited since the prehistoric ages.

Gardoš Tower
is another historical place that not only serves as a monument to the historical battles and people who used to live here and rule the area, but also because it offers an amazing view of the entire city. It is located in Zemun, a town connected to Belgrade, and surrounded by meandering narrow streets of the Zemun Old town.

Don’t miss to see the residences of the monarchs who used to rule Serbia until the end of WWII. Many of these are open to the public and have been turned into museums where you can learn a lot about Serbian history.


Belgrade packages for party goers

However, if history is not something you are particularly interested in, and you are looking for a good time and vibrant party atmosphere, Belgrade is also the right place to come. The city has a lot to offer in terms of night life, and it is one of its most popular aspects in tourists’ opinion. There are bars and clubs at every corner, and you can find a great place for a night out every day of the week.

The most popular summer night clubs in Belgrade are open from Monday to Sunday, and they are the right place to go and meet Serbian people and have a great time. People in Serbia in general like to have fun, go out and party all night long. Some of the most attractive night clubs are located on the rivers – there are boats that have been turned into floating bars that are open all summer, and close during the winter. Those you sould visit include River, Blaywatch, Shake ‘n’ Shake, Freestyler, and many others.

Serbia: meet the country

After you get to know its capital city, head out to one of the other cities to see what the rest of the country has to offer. And the list of places you need to see is quite long. It includes other cities, historical sights, mountains, rivers, lakes and spa resorts that will take your breath away.

Belgrade travel

The northern part of Serbia, Vojvodina, differs from the rest, both because of its history and culture, but also geographically. This part of Serbia is mostly flat, it is a plain with corn fields, some small hills, intersected by a network of canals and small rivers that flow peacefully through the fields. Don’t be surprised if it reminds you of Hungary or Austria, as it was ruled by the Habsburg dynasty for many years, and they left their mark on the culture. Cuisine here is also different from the rest of Serbia, and it includes a lot
of fish specialties, spicy food, and wines.

Small, privately owned wineries are well-known in this part of the country for producing great quality wines. The most famous wineries are located on in the Fruška gora region, and around Subotica.

The southern part of Serbia on the other hand will be much more interesting to all those looking for an active holiday. There are many lakes, mountains and much faster rivers in this part, and you can enjoy sports activities at every step of the way. The mountains Kopaonik, Zlatibor and Stara planina are interesting round the year for those interested in skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, mountain biking and off-roading. Every year, you can join one of the rafting races that are organized on rivers such as Ibar, Tara, and Drina.