Hospitals in Belgrade

In Serbia, Belgrade, there are private and government hospitals. You might think that Government Hospitals is that you are looking for, or maybe Private ones.

Depends where you coming from, your prospective might varies.

Here are some important facts that might be crucial for your decision.

Public ( Government ) and Private Hospitals in Belgrade, Serbia

Doctors who work in Government Hospitals are the same ones who work in the Private ones.

Very Often Clinks in Belgrade are also called Hospitals.

In Government Hospitals you don’t get warm welcome with a smile. You will not get nice infrastructural exterior and interior of the Hospital buildings.

In the Government or Public ones, you will wait longer for a treatment then in Private ones.

Government ones are way cheaper for a treatment.

In Government it might happen that staff does not speak English.

BUT The Best Hospital in Belgrade where all the specialist work is the Public one, called Hospital Vojno medicisnka Akademija on on English, Military Medical Academy.


Many doctors from the Vojno Medicinska Hospital have their own specialist clinics or work in the private clinics.

For this Hospital: You need to request to be taken there by the ambulance crew.

Important notice: Check with ambulance crew are you able to get treatment there.

Vojno Medicinska Hospital in Belgrade, or better known as Military Medical Academy Belgrade (VMA).

 Every major health issue in Serbia or even in the countries around end up at this Hospital.

 Some of the Hospital capacity is kept for the Army personnel and their families, where they get life treatment “for free” or better to say for their commitment to the country of Serbia.

Emergency CALL

/ 24-hour health service

If it’s a true emergency call 194 immediately.

( English speaking operators )

All Ambulance cases are taken to the Public Clinical Center of Serbia or on local language Klinički Centar Srbije,  Located at Pasterova 2 street.

If the person has minor injury or injury that he / she can walk with, better is to drive them to this Hospital.

If there are minor injuries ( able to walk with ), then you can consider to contact Private Hospital BELMEDIC.

BELMEDIC cover all fields of medicine and covers kids and adults. As we mentioned before, Doctors Specialists that work in the public hospitals, that are experts in the different niches, also do work part time in Private ones.

Private Hosital Belmedic is located at Viktora Igoa 1, Senjak, or Koste Jovanovica 87 (just off Oslobođenja).

English speaking personnel:

+381113091000 or +381113065888

Staff all speak English. Its Open 24 hours a day for children and adults, covering all medical fields.  They work with a wide range of specialists from the public Hospitals. They have ambulances and can deal with minor emergencies.

Anything bigger or better to say more dangerous OR MORE URGENT, you should better contact the Clinical Center of Serbia or directly get driven there.