Hospitals in Belgrade

Looking for Hospitals in Belgrade? In Belgrade Serbia you will find yourself surrounded with Private and Government hospitals. You might get surprised but Government Hospitals can treat you sometimes better the Private ones. As a tourist or an Expat living in Belgrade you might consider having insurance before moving to Belgrade. If you consider yourself being a Digital Nomad then we strongly suggest you to check out Safety Wings International Insurance. They are design for people that spend more the 6 months away from their country. They cover extreme sports and the price is super friendly. During Corona they have organised evacuation flights for hips of people stucked from all party of the world. Ofcourse they done all of that on their own expense.

Here are some important facts about Hospitals in Belgrade you would have to know.


Public ( Government ) VS Private Hospitals


Medical University of Belgrade is world known. Many Serbian Doctors work for decades all over the world. Medical University is one of the Best Universities in Belgrade Serbia. What ever health issues you dealing with you will be in the good hands with Belgrade Medical Staff. There are 2 types of Hospitals in Belgrade. Public ones are run by the Government and Private ones are privately owned. They have some important things in common. There are things that are way different as well. So. Doctors who work in Government Hospitals are the same ones who work in the Private ones. You will find that very Often Clinics in Belgrade are also named as Hospitals. In Government ones you don’t get warm welcome with a smile. Most of the Government Hospitals buildings are not well maintained. Fasade of some building are not in the best shapes. But recently Government started with renovation and pretty much are doing an amazing job. Hopefully facades will be done soon. Another major difference is that in Government or Public ones you will wait longer for a treatment. Government ones are way cheaper for a treatment as well. In the Government ones it might happen that staff does not speak English. While equipment is new in both Public and Private. In Private ones you will spend more money and get more attentions. Your insurance might cover the costs in Private Hospitals in Belgrade.


Does Medical Staff speak English?

In Private Hospitals everyone from a desk clarks to Doctors understand and speak English. Dont expect level like in UK but there will not be any issues to get your exams and consultations done. Good Private Hospitals quickly answer on emails and even quicker to phone calls. If it is not an urgent call you can simple put an email together. If it is something that you would like to get done sooner than later than reach them out over a phone call. Our tip would be to speak English Slowly with as less accent as possible. You can absolutely relax! Belgrade Private Hospitals are Highly Professional.


The Best Hospitals in Belgrade


The Best Hospital in Belgrade is actually believe or not the public one. Hospital “Vojno Medicisnka Akademija” on English, Military Medical Academy is the best place!  Short name is VMA. This hospital gathers the most experienced doctors and specialists. You need to have a special approval so that you could be taken there by the ambulance crew. Be aware that It is not that easy to get treatment over there.

Every major health issue in Serbia or even in the countries around end up at this Hospital. Some of the Hospital capacity is kept for the Army personnel and their families where they get life treatment “for free”. Better to say for their commitment to the country of Serbia.

If you are a Tourist or an Expat VMA is most likely not the place for you. You are going to be in the good hands in Private Hospital. How to find the best Hospital for you need? Check at the top of our page for recommendations.




Military Medical Academy in Belgrade. Better known as VMA.



Are Belgrade Hospitals GOOD?


Are Belgrade hospitals good? Belgrade has excellent hospitals! Quality medical care available all day. Like many other cities, Belgrade as well has both public and private hospitals. Are the hospitals in Belgrade Safe? Yes they are! No worry about that. What you have to pay attention to is to choose the right hospital for you. Another thing is your health travel insurance. Make sure that your insurance cover hospital bills. Good thing is that even if it is urgent and you just go to the hospital directly you will not be overcharged. Belgrade Hospitals are way beyond with prices than other European countries.

There are hips of doctors from the “Vojno Medicinska Hospitall” that have their own specialist clinics or they work in the private ones. 



Private Hospitals


If you have a minor injury ( able to walk with ) then we encourage you to go a private hospital. Prices are fair enough. Doctors are highly educated. Hospitals are run by professionals.

Private Hospitals in Belgrade cover all fields of medicine. They covers kids and adults. As we mentioned before Doctors Specialists that work in the public hospitals works in Private ones.


Staff understand and speak English. Some of them are Open 24 hours a day for children and adults, covering all medical fields.  They work with a wide range of specialists. Ambulance cars are ready for any type of an injury.

Anything bigger or better to say more dangerous OR MORE URGENT, you should better contact the Clinical Center of Serbia or directly get driven there. Hope that article Hospitals in Belgrade did help you. Check out the list of the most reliable Pharmacies in Belgrade Serbia. Enjoy your stay in Belgrade.


Good to know

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