Best Belgrade parties: Hot Mess Birthday No.2 *PHOTOS*

Hot Mess just had a great party celebrating its second birthday.

If you were here, lucky you! Because this was the best birthday party: great atmosphere next to a pool, beautiful people, lots of celebrities… No wonder that locals call this one of tne best┬áBelgrade parties this summer.

Hot Mass is one of the best clubs (splav) in Belgrade, so the guests didn’t expected anything less. There was some very hot atmosphere, all thanks to amazing people who attended the party

Just take a look at these photos and you will know why we call this one of the best Belgrade parties:

Best Belgrade parties: Hot Mess Birthday No.2 *PHOTOS* - Belgrade at night Splav HotMess Belgrade girls Belgrade parties Belgrade parties Belgrade parties and girls Belgrade parties



But dont worry, splav Hot Mass will have lots of great parties till the end of the summer. If you are not from Belgrade, dont hesitate to visit Serian capital, and especially HotMess.

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