Hot RnB for a cold night

Hot RnB for a cold night

February is usually the coldest part of the year in Belgrade. Temperature outside is almost always below zero degrees and its hard to stay warm. Few cups of tea in a comfy place can solve the problem, but this time we are suggesting some other way. You can check out some of the clubs in Belgrade.  Today is Wednesday, so hot RnB for a cold night is probably the best way for you to feel the heat and we have just a venue for it. Highly recommended place called Hype club.

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Club is in the city center, located at ex Mixer House in Karadjordjeva 46 street, in Savamala. It represents one of the most popular  places in Belgrade and also the first luxury and high class club in our capital. Well known for their bartenders that can make excellent cocktails and also known for amazing light shows. Tonight is performing a special guest – DJ Lady Lee. Famous for making amazing parties where you can enjoy various RnB beats. If you decide to go and check it out, you will not regret it, because this is a place to be on Wednesday night. hot rnb for cold night 2 hot rnb for cold night 3

Hype club is relatively new club, but almost instantly became very popular. It opens at 00:00 and it works till the morning hours. Place with nice people, good vibes and amazing atmosphere where you will forget all about the cold winter. Gather your friends and go straight to the place where magic happens.


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