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How much does accommodation, transport through the city, food, drinks actualy cost in Belgrade? If this is your first time in our city, this might give you the picture of what to expect in Belgrade.

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How much does accommodation in the city cost?


Well, there is a pretty big variety, so prices are very variable, too, depending on a location and type of accommodation. Definitely the most expensive is to stay at a hotels. There are several 5-star hotels in the city, and price to stay there per night is different, starting from 40 euros and up. If you are looking for posh and luxury, but more private than a hotel, then villa is the option. Cheaper, but still a good option are apartments. “Stan na dan” – or in literal translation “apartment per day” is what you are looking for. They are mostly located in the city center or near by. Prices are from 20 – 100 euros per night (note that this is the price for apartment, not per person), depending on a place you are renting and it’s position in the city. Hostels are the cheapest option, and price are between 10 and 20 euros per person.

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How much does transport through the city cost?

Once you are in Belgrade, you will find out how it is one of the cheapest capitals in Europe to stay at. Options to get around through the city are: catch a cab, call a Serbian version of Uber called CarGo (you can instal an application from your Google or AppStore, grab a bus or a tram (Serbia has no metro), or rent a bike. If you are getting around by taxi, make sure to either use an application for it (Yandex in the one with most options), or check the plates if you are taking one from the street – it must have a TX and the end of it. If you are not sure if the taxi is regular one, look for Pink Taxi. Average price of a ride is about 5 -10 euros (600 – 1200 Serbian dinars). CarGo is a cheaper option, it will be around 3-7 euros (400-800 Serbian dinars). Busses are definitely the cheapest option besides cycling through the city. Bus ticket is less than one euro and most of the locals are using this option since all parts of Belgrade are very well connected with different bus lines.

How much does a meal in Belgrade cost?


Definitely depends on where you are eating at. Restaurants in the city centre (Knez MihailovaBeton HalaSkadarska Street, etc.), are definitely the most expensive option. Average meal per person will be around 10 euros. Still pretty reasonable for European capital, you would have to agree. You will also find out how fast food shops are pretty much on every corner of Belgrade. Prices there are between 2 and 5 euros. If you are looking for to try our fast food, make sure to visit Goce Delceva Street at Novi Beograd. Street known in the city as “Food street”, since there food places located one next to another through the whole street! If you enjoy cooking, local green markets are a great option. There you will meet the local farmers (their English in not so good, but they will be more than happy to help you out). Their products are organic, and prices are very low. Don’t miss checking it out!

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How much do beverages cost in Belgrade?


Beverage prices are pretty reasonable. There are many bars in the city, on pretty much every corner. Beer is between 2-4 euros, non alcoholic beverages are between 1-3, cold pressed juices 2-4 euros, water around 1 euro, cocktails between 5-10 euros, coffee around 2 euros, etc. Also, if you are smoking, you will find how cigarettes are cheaper than pretty much anywhere else in Europe! Price is about 3 euros, and in Belgrade you can smoke in all the clubs and pretty much any bars and restaurants. Non-smokers, no worries, there are also non smoking areas!