How to leave a good impression

How to leave a good impression? Traveling to the East of Europe with hoping to have a blast require some of the prior knowledge. Of Corse you would like to have a blast but that require to connect with the locals. If you want to get to the hottest parties and the best night clubs, you need to know how to leave a good impression.

First rule is  dressing up part. Dress to impress. If you are about to enter to the popular Nightlife Scene of Belgrade u can’t just show up dressed as a tourist bumping out from a hostel. Even if you are into alternative scene make sure to be stylish.



Be cool !

Second rule is how u role. Its all about your self confidence. Make sure to keep your head up. Do a proper hand Shake. People in Belgrade like to hug and do 3 times kiss in the cheek. Not everyone and not every time though. So how will you know when to shake hand or when to do a kiss? You will know when the time come. When there is a couple or female and a male approaching to you make sure to handshake female first. If Belgrade people hug you instead of a handshake that means that they sympathies you.



Drinking limits!

How to drink is the third thing that you have to know how to deal in Belgrade with. How to leave a good impression? Make sure not to get S… Faced after going out with your Belgrade homies. You have to know your drinking limits. No one wants to hang around with person who will not know how to behave drunk.


How to leave a good impression

How to leave a good impression in Belgrade?


Never talk about POLITIC!

Never talk about politic. People in Belgrade do not like Imperialist politic. They think that concurring the world in the past by the super powers was super wrong. Not much positive can come out from the Politic talks. Just avoid it.


Call for a round!

Sharing a bill or ordering a round. In Belgrade and Serbia in general people drink and party together. At the end of the night bill is shared among the guys. Females are very often spared of contributing the bill. Why? We don’t know either. Don’t complain about it. There is also an another way. Calling the rounds. It all depends how is the crew you with rolling that night. If you see someone call a round of drinks. You do the next one. Tell to the waiter bring the same round on me. Make sure to ask immediately to get a bill and pay.

Don’t keep your money in the wallet. If you are down for a Nightlife in Belgrade, make sure to have cash on you. Cash should be in the separate pocket. You can bring a card with you but sometimes only cash will work. DINER Cards often doesn’t work though.

Make sure to be fresh and to smell good. You can get your hair done at some of this popular Barber shops in Belgrade. If you are a girl and check the best Beauty saloons in Belgrade.

Girls in Belgrade wear high heals and they are super confident walking. Even if there is a snow outside or even ice they have an amazing walking skills. Do you need a high heals? Nope. You just fine with what ever you feel comfortable with. Make sure to stay stylish though.


Right CREW!

Make sure to get in the right crew of people. Especially if you are about to become Expat in Belgrade. Starting a new life in Belgrade? Make sure to connect with a right people. Good contacts can be found at the popular Belgrade Co-Working places.

Make sure to have a smile while cursing around. Good Vibe, Smile and all from the list above and you all set to concur the Belgrade. Have fun!