The BEST Ice Cream in Belgrade

The best ice cream in Belgrade can be found in the city Centre. You will find yourself surrounded with other tourists and locals. Beside having a tasty experience you might meet up others. Team up with right locals and you all set do discover Belgrade Secrets.


Ice Box


Plenty of Vegan ice cream options in Ice Box. Staff is friendly speak English. Happy to advise you and recommend you. Our suggestion is Frozen Yougurt. Plazma Flavour is the must. Price is more then friendly. Two or even three scups will cost you around 2 euros. Both Expats and Tourists Highly Recommend this place.


Moritz Eis

Tasty place is how tourists describe it. Located downtown near Tesla Museum. Staff is know to be very friendly. Flavours with sugar level are marvellously balanced. Moritz Eis is one of the most popular shops in town. It is a Serbian brand which successfully expended their brand neighbourhood countries. Even they made it to Chile. Yap! Serbian Shop in Chile. What makes Moritz special is that they are making their stuff absolutely organic. Both Gelato and Sorbetthey are made out of fruits and vegetables from our country. We recommend you to try Raspberry, Vanilla from Madagascar, which is made from real bourbon Vanilla produced in Madagascar. Exotic! Pistachio produced in Turkey! Very interesting flavours like Basil, Orange and Melissa. Apples and cinnamon or lavender. You will definitely enjoy in their ice creams and their shop vibe.


Crna Ovca

Crna Ovca is a dream place. Huge range of flavours to choose from. If you want to stock up no brainer at all. Get hald or a kilo for your fridge at home.
Tourists often comment that they have rarely had such a good ice cream. You can see, taste and feel that every type of their ice cream is prepared with love. Actually you will notice ice cream production in the background. The service is very friendly following assistance with helping with the selection. We recommend you to try Kajmak or sesame. To pass to the next level try Beacon flavour. Yap! Beacon.


Best Ice Cream in Belgrade Serbia

Where is the Best Ice Cream in Belgrade?



Radisson Blue Old Mill

Quite Unique Experience. Have you ever try freshly made cream in just one minute with liquid nitrogen? Radisson Blue is the place where you can get one. It is made on temperature of 196 c under the 0.


Capital of Ice Cream Culture




Pelivan is on our list not only because they offer tasty goods. This place is an institution of Belgrade Ice Cream Culture. Considered to own one of the Oldest recipe in Serbia. Got it under Ottoman Empire almost 200 years ago. Pelivan is the oldest shop in the city. Super Tasty and Exotic!



Bacio Gelato 

Bacio makes ice cream by Italian recipe. If you are lover of Italian Gelato this is the right place for you. Bacio is well known for ice creams made with stevia. Made for people who are not able for any reason to eat sugar but still don’t want to reject enjoying in taste of their favourite sweets.



Additional Info you might want to know


Study have shown that people in Belgrade after a ruff day at work will choose an Ice Cream to feel better. Either bad or a good day. Either it’s summer or Winter. Ice Creams become part of our life’s and part of Belgrade culture.

It all started Back in the 20th century. People use to sell ice cream by walking around popular Belgrade streets and getting eggs in return for scoop of ice cream. Nowadays you can buy ice cream almost in every store. Since 2020 when it comes to Ice Creams Belgrade has a lot to offer!