Ice Skating in Belgrade

Ice Skating works nearly every muscle group in the body and moving requires simultaneous movement of the legs. It builds up leg and abdominal muscles. Ice skating is FUN and at the same time the great workout! Personally its one of our most favourite winter activity in Belgrade. Stay warm and feel the spirit of good times while Ice Skating in Belgrade.


How much does Ice Skating in Belgrade cost?


Belgrade has few skating rinks. In some of them entry is free of charge and in some it is just up to 4 euros per person. If you didn’t bring your skates you can rent them out for only 2-4 euros.


Can i Ice skate in Belgrade during Summer?


Unfortunately by this date * Year 2022* There are no Summer Ice Skating Rinks available.


Where to Skate?



Nikola Pašić Square – It’s the closest one to the city centre. This rink is very small. It’s open air stage surrounded by the beautiful city centre buildings view. No entry fees. There are instructor in case you need it. Alway good music around New Years Eve. There are plenty kids around learning to skate with their parents.


Ice Hall of Hala Pionir   Is one of the biggest ice skating rinks in Belgrade. This place can get super crowded. You can enjoy ice skating in Pionir every day except Monday. Its open every week from October till April for only 2-4€  per day pass. By following their program you might be part of special disco parties on Ice.


Sava River Promenade ice skating rink is open near Belgrade Waterfront. This place offers interesting programs and entry is free of charge. Plenty of kids with parents. Good music and fun are guaranteed.


Olimp Park is located at Zvezdara. Around 10 minutes with a taxi from the downtown. Next to the indoor activities including swimming and pool recreations during the winter it offers outdoor ice skating rink. It is located near Zvezdara forest. They do charge entry.


Delta City Shopping Mall might be the best deal for families. If you are a fan of shopping malls this might be your place. Skating is free of charge and its located outside of the mall. Only in winter time though.


Winter Town on Ada The stone town on Ada Ciganlija is a special skating rink of an irregular shape. Modern lights and fireworks will give it a special impression. There are more than hundred games planned for the youngest, as well as opportunity for ones who are ambitious and want to improve their figure skating skills or play hockey. You will be surprised to ice skate with Santa Claus, or enjoy weekend parties, prize games, masquerades and much more.


Ice skating at Taš  is one of the most popular places and highly recommended. Well organised and Huge. Good vibes and Music. You as a visitor will have a chance to enjoy retro music from the sixties, seventies and eighties. You’ll like holiday decoration, animations; this place will indeed make winter more beautiful for you.



Ice Skating in Belgrade

Ice Skating at TAS is recommended for beginners and intermediates.



Ušće Shopping Mall is one of  the most popular shopping malls in Belgrade. In the winters it has its own ice skating rink. Awesome News! The entrance and skates are available for free!


Zamak Zemun Quay for people located on the other side of the river. Ice skating arena is locaed near Danube at the Zamak theme park. It is open from December Till March.


Stepa Stepanovic is located at Vozdovac. Only 15 minutes from the busy downtown. Rink is open every day during January and February.


History of Ice Skating in Belgrade

Ice Skating in Belgrade goes way back in the history. In 1890 the Belgrade Skating Society was founded. Serbian skating historian Dejan Milutinovic recalled that in January 1891 two competitions were held on the so called Venice pond by the Sava river. It was figure and speed skating. It is very interesting that the female race was held for the first time. In details this competition was published in Daily newspapers. Later ice skating was hyped through ice skating clubs. Some of those clubs were under the backing of Serbian King Alexander I Obrenovic.



Good to know


Unfortunately only from October to April. During Summer Belgrade doesn’t have Ice skate Arenas. SO! Summer might be better option to party. Click here to check Belgrade Nightlife and some of the best Open Air Summer Clubs.