If you had only 48 hours to visit Belgrade, what would you do?

If you have only 48 hours to visit Belgrade, what would you do? Belgrade is famous for many things: history, architecture, great food, people and nightlife. This city just radiates with energy! Tourism is still fairly minimal in Serbia, but there’s so much to discover. It is a friendly place to be! Amazing nightlife as well!One weekend is not enough to enjoy Belgrade properly. Make sure you don’t miss out on river party boats, day time chill out beach lounge bars, amazing tower of Avala which you can see from the plane when flying in, Skadarlija, Savamala fantastic chill out restaurants where you can enjoy sunsets by the river and so much much more. Sipin cocktails next to a pool is probably the image you have while working in the office. In Belgrade, you can revive this idea almost every day. No reason to wait for the weekend, enjoy every day of the week! Wait till the night and visit one of many Belgrade clubs: music of the 90s, RnB, folk, house…there is something for everyone. Meet the locals and find out about the best places and parties in town.