In His Mind

If you were wondering what to do in Belgrade, consider visiting In His Mind, a newly-opened interactive theatre. Interactive theatre is a form of theater that breaks the fourth wall between the audience and the actors, meaning visitors are invited to participate in the play as it happens around them.

In His Mind is an immersive theatre experience inspired by popular New York projects of the same type. In His Mind is located in the heart of Belgrade, in Vračar. The theatre features one of the most beautifully designed speakeasy cocktail bars Belgrade has to offer that hosts the most prominent jazz musicians Belgrade has to offer.

In His Mind

What Is An Immersive Theatre Experience?

Immersive theater involves the audience in the play as it progresses. Instead of a traditional stage, the audience is welcome to explore the massive 2-floor setup of In His Mind, featuring unique design pieces inspired by the Victorian era and the steampunk genre.

The story follows Jack The Ripper, the notorious serial killer in his childhood and explores the depths of the human psyche that lead someone to commit such heinous acts towards another human being. The play is told through a combination of interpretative dance, acting and one-on-one experiences that only the most committed audience members will be treated to. The script is laid down in a way that no visit to In His Mind will ever be the same, as you are free to explore different scenes while others are playing out elsewhere.

How Long Does It Last?

The play itself lasts for about an hour, though due to its open nature the exact timing is not always the same. However, the audience is invited to enjoy our speakeasy cocktail bar before and after the show. Featuring a wide array of both classic and signature cocktails created by Belgrade’s renowned cocktail makers, In His Mind is one of the top cocktail bars Belgrade has on its map. The lounge also doubles as a jazz bar with sessions all the way into the night.

How Much Does This Interactive Theater Cost?

The admittance fee is 35 euros and tickets can be purchased through the official theater website. Due to high demand, reservations are recommended. Depending on the number of reservations visitors will be divided into separate groups as only 10 to 15 people are allowed to experience the play at the same time in order to allow for a more intimate and personal experience.