Interesting City

Belgrade The interesting city! City with long and turbulent history, mix of Soviet, Western Europe (Mostly Italian/ German ) and Turkish influence. City that once was capital of big Serbian Kingdom, then capital of Communism and Brutalist architecture then today is mix of some  Democratic and Capitalistic vibes.  City that was in wars and burned many times almost till the ground and rebuilt and stood up strong again.



Interesting City

Interesting City



Whats out there?


  1. Knez Mihailova Street – This famous Belgrade street is synonymous with joy. In Knez Mihailova street you can hear the sounds of street musicians, smell baked chestnut, find lots of local art, souvenirs and books that are being sold right on the street. It is known as “street that never sleeps” since its active even during Sundays. It’s filled with constant buzz of people walking around from Terazije to Kalemegdan park and Fortress since it’s the shortest way connecting these two parts of the city. Knez Mihailova is most common meeting point for most of the locals, it’s main pedestrian area and main shopping zone in the city. Here you can find many bars, restaurants, coffee places, but also places of historical and cultural meaning.




  1. Ada Ciganlija – On the river Sava, near the mouth of the Danube, at a distance of only 4 km from the center of Belgrade, is the former island and now the Ada Ciganlija peninsula. Overgrown with dense deciduous forest, covered with meadows and meadows, Ada became the largest, most beautiful and most visited picnic area, bathing area and resort of Belgrade. There are also over 50 different outdoor sports fields at Ada Ciganlija, including a golf course and a water ski lift. There are football fields, tennis, handball, volleyball and basketball courts, as well as baseball, rugby and field hockey fields. There are also beach volleyball courts and aqua soccer, and from extreme sports: bungee jumping, artificial rock climbing and paintball. For fishermen there is also Lake Ada safari. Ada Ciganlija lake is a perfect place to escape city heat, enjoy and relax.




  1. Beli Dvor (White Palace) – It was built from 1934. to 1937. by the project of architect Aleksandar Djordjevic. On the ground floor of this classicist building is a large Ceremonial Hall and a series of salons furnished in the style of Louis XV and Louis XVI with Venetian chandeliers. The White Palace building, located in the same complex as the Royal Palace, was built at the request of King Aleksandar I as a residence for his sons.


beli dvor


  1. Kalemegdan Park and Fortress – It is the most beautiful and largest Belgrade park, and at the same time the most significant cultural and historical complex, dominated by the Belgrade Fortress above the mouth of the Sava into the Danube. This fort tells the story of the “white city” and its glorious history, bearing the scars of victories that have always been paid with high price. Visitors will certainly have a problem in a short period of time to visit all museums, galleries and monuments located on Kalemegdan. Here are must-visit-places on Kalemegdan:


-Kalemegdan Military Museum
-Belgrade Zoo
-Nebojsa Tower on Kalemegdan
-Roman well at Kalemedan
-Museum of Natural History
-Church of the Roses
-St. Peter’s Church


4. Kalemegdan Park and Fortress


  1. Sava Temple – The St. Sava Temple, located on Svetosavski Square at the area Vracar, is the largest Orthodox church not only in our country but is the largest Orthodox church in the Balkans. Overall, the temple spans an area of 3,500 square feet, with an additional 1,500 square feet across the three first-level galleries. It extends 91 meters in one direction and 81 meters in the other, with domes decorated with 18 gilded crosses and bell towers containing a total of 49 bells made by the Austrian Grassmayr bell tower.




  1. Skadarska Street – also known as Skadarlija. One of the most beautiful city’s landmarks, bohemian quarter, one of the most romantic spots. Narrow, cobbled street, filled with spirit of old times and sounds of “tamburitza”. Here, you will find many “kafanas”-restaurants with National cousin.




Belgrade is such an Interesting City! Enjoy it! Dont forget to bring your smile along!