International Schools in Belgrade Serbia

Belgrade the capital of Serbia the largest city in the region. The City is a centre of Consulates, Embassies and Foreign Companies. In the recent times it become a home for Worldwide Digital Nomads. There are quite a lot of young families that have relocated to Belgrade. A study have shown that at least half of Expats are married and have kids. When it comes to the Free time, kids are spending it outside or in playgrounds. When it comes to the education Expats are welcome to choose one of International Schools.



International Schools in Belgrade

Choose a place where your kids will feel happy and welcomed! Choose one of the best International Schools in Belgrade!



How to pick up the right school?


  • Check with other expats which school they have chosen for their kids


  • Google for recommendations and compare prices


  • Make sure that School is close to where you live and work


  • Think about transportation from and to school


  • Check our Recommendations at the top of this page


There are Public and International Schools


Like in any major city out there there are Public and International School education. Which one is better? Well first of all, if your kid does not speak Serbian Language it might be almost impossible to attend classes at public schools. If it does speak then you can seriously consider that option. Be aware that every neighbourhood has its own Elementary school. Not All Neighbourhoods in Belgrade are comfortable for foreigners. There are International Elementary Schools on Serbian Language. Those Schools are offering classes on English as well. They offer Internationally recognised diplomas. There are quite a few Locals that have enrolled their kids in International ones. Beside Diploma one of the main benefits are teaming up with other upper class families. Even teachers are teaching kids to always stick to each other and help. There is no doubt that family who chooses International school for their kids will be among other Wealthy families in Belgrade.


Where do Expats Live in Belgrade?


Most common areas are Dedinje including Senjak, Centar, Vracar and Dorcol. Dedinje is where most of diplomats live with their families. Almost all Foreign residents and Embassies are located over there. Centar or Downtown of Belgrade is where Digital Nomads are. Mostly young couples and individuals love Dorcol and Centre. Vracar is place where most of Ex Yugoslavians stay. Mostly Montenegrins. Vracar even got a nickname “Small Montenegro”. Read a full guide on where foreigners live with pros and cons for each neighbourhood. Click on the detailed realistic guide on Where to stay in Belgrade.


The best schools in Belgrade

There are Public and Private Schools. Choose the best one for your family!


Benefits of International Schools


International schools are an upgrade experience. It can be particularly beneficial for those who still consider who they want to be. International impact during this time might give students a global perspective as they scout diverse cultures. More than ever before World become a Global trading market. Building an International perspective since early age its shown to be highly advisable.


International Impact


Global focus gain in the International Schools will build a strong foundation of a Cultural Perception. After studying in these environment a kid will open a door for many other schools abroad. Some International Schools in Belgrade collaborate with other schools in Europe. After a year or two you can switch to the Italy or Uk. There are students come from all over the world that attend Schools in Belgrade. Different backgrounds and cultures. In an environment like this everyone are treated the same. More likely to get along and build a good community together.


Strong Connections

Building Strong Connections is what is it all about. All over the world is the same. International Schools are mostly attended by a kids from an upper middle and upper class. Kids but also parents will build bounds and hang. Those connections shown to be very beneficiary.


Learning English


Learning English as a native language is what all of the parents wants for their kids. Some of the schools are offering studying only on English. On this way kids will master the language. Key of success in life for your kids is to be fluent in English. There is no question in that. The easiest way to learn is to start with learning as soon as possible. Keep in mind even 1 hour of English app game while your kid is still very young will have huge positive impact on future learning. Listening english music and watching movies without subtitle will help them to master sooner than later. This has been proven to be one of the smartest investment in your kids future. Recently some families consider Chines language as a future dominant language. This might be true. But English will be still at the top for a quite some time.


Before you enrol you kid in International school they could practice and Learn Serbian Language. Check the list of a Language Schools in Belgrade.