Is Belgrade Expensive?

Is Belgrade Expensive?


Let’s make it straight from the beginning! Is Belgrade Expensive? Seriously you can live super comfortable in Belgrade with income of just bit more then 1000 euros. If you want to live like a king, then 3000 euros will take you to a throne.

Option 1:

Comfortable life in Belgrade with a Monthly 1000 euros.


For around 400 euros you will get a nice fully furniture 1 bed apartment in the Belgrade downtown. If you make a yearly deal you will get all bills included in this price. Apartment for this price will include equipped kitchen, TV, Free channels and weekly cleaning lady. When you get your new place sorted then next step is food. Serbian Food is awesome! Watch out to not get some extra kilos though. Is food expensive in Belgrade? Nope. You can eat best pizza in town for a few euros in a nice place. Or you can get slice of pizza for a half of a euro. We are talking hear about really good pizza! You can get an awesome fast food meal for a half euro up to euro. Belgrade Restaurants in Beton Hala area which is the posh part will surprise you. Price of a Main Dishe Meals are from 5-10 euros. We are talking here about super luxury places. Same place is Germany or Swiss would charge you 5 to 10 times more for a meal and service. Incredible isn’t it?

Listen to this now!

The most popular attraction Belgrade Clubs do not charge entry fee! No minimum spending required if you are placed by the bar or a bar table. Few Euros for a Glass of a Wine or a Cocktail. In the clubs in the other European Capitals just the entry will cost you around 30-50 euros. Click on a Belgrade drinks list to get to know the prices. Co working places in Belgrade are EPIC. Or you can work for free from some of the coffee shops in the down town. Wi fi in Belgrade is really fast.


Free time you can spend in visiting Museums, Galleries, Belgrade Attractions. There are bunch of a daily Activities that you enjoy in. So is Belgrade Expensive?


Is Serbia Expensive to Live

Is Serbia Expensive to Live?



Option 2:

If you want to be a king in Belgrade with a 3000 e monthly spendings.

For an around 800- 1000 euros a month you will get a Villa or a penthouse in Belgrade. Having a bottle and table in popular Belgrade clubs will cost you around 100 euro per night. Teaming up with Belgrade locals will bring you into new social circles. But, if you are a new guy in town we suggest you to start connection with a Belgrade Expats. Join the Facebook Group Expats in Belgrade and write a message.

We already mention about food prices. If you want to get a bottle of a wine in Belgrade Restaurants, it will cost you believe or not 10-20 euros per bottle. It will be some of the finest local wines that taste same as Argentinians. If you want to go for a Moet then calculate to spend around 80 euros per bottle in a Restaurants, or around 150 euros in Belgrade Clubs. If you like alternative and hipster areas, you will spend way less money for everything. What do you think is Belgrade Expensive place to live in?



Is Belgrade Expensive

Is Belgrade Expensive


Basically for a 1000 euro’s u can eat outside and get a nice apartment in the downtown. You can do a lot of activities and go out and have coffees every single day. There are a lot of Digital Nomads that have chosen Belgrade to crash for some time. Join us in Belgrade and bring good vibes along.

Good to know: In Belgrade official currency is Serbian Dinar. Very often you will find prices in Euros Though. There are Exchange offices at the every corner of a city. They are safe and professional. No scamming in Belgrade. You will find Better Exchange rate in Exchange offices around the city then in the Banks. But yap sure you can exchange money in Banks. Bigger amounts of Dollar bills can be hard to exchange sometimes. Same thing with British Pounds. You can pay almost anywhere with a credit or debit card. ATM-S are at the every corner of a city. They are super safe to use. ATM on a Serbian Language is called Bankomat. You can read it as its written. In the case you would like to ask someone at the street where is one. If you planing to use Diners in Belgrade Serbia just dont. Forget about it. Most of the places do not accept Dinners cards. Not really sure why.