Kalamegdan one of Belgrades Top attractions

Kalamegdan one of Belgrade’s Top attractions.

When you are not partying at one of Belgrade’s clubs, make sure you take the time out to see some of the historical side of Belgrade.

Kalamegdan Fortress is located in the old part of Belgrade in the city center and is one of Belgrade’s top attractions.

It is a Fortress with a  lush park land that is visited by hundreds of people everyday. The view from Kalamegdan over looks the point where the Dunav meets the Sava River.

It serves a purpose and is close to everyone’s heart that lives in this city, lovers to take romantic strolls, parents who bring there children to play, friends who hangout and sit on the benches and along the walls of the fortress and talk for hours, where you can go for a relaxing walk and escape the daily grind. By an  ice- cream bring a book and relax under a tree, it is where you can catch a breath of fresh air and enjoy the nature that surrounds you.

Kalamegdan Fortress has a few places you can also visit while you are exploring, the church of Sveta Petka and Ruzica Church, please be aware that you will need to be dressed appropriately to enter the churches.

You can also spend the day at the Zoo if you it is located at the bottom of Kalamegdan.  There are plenty of souvenir stands as well so you can buy something to take back and remember your visit at this  historic part of Belgrade.

At the top of the fortress you will also find the very famous Statue of the “Pobednik” that looks over Belgrade.


Kalamegdan Fortress Belgrade

Kalamegdan Fortress Belgrade




Kalamegdan Belgrade’s Top Attraction

Ruzica Church Kalamegdan

Ruzica Church Kalamegdan