Kalemegdan Fortress

The Kalemegdan Fortress stands as as the most beautiful attraction in our Country. It was built from 2nd to the 18th of century. Yap it took ages to be done. It was destroyed and rebuilt countless of times. The fortress has become the symbol of Belgrade. Conquerors have left a significant mark to our history. Austro-Hungarians, Romans and Ottomans. The Romans started with a built at 2nd of century. Roman legion IV Flaviae was protecting this area. They have faced armies of Goths, Avars, Huns, and us Slavs. During that hectic time the ancient Singidunum was created. Later on Singidunom has been changed into the current name Belgrade.


Kalemegdan park


On the beginning of your adventure you will find yourself in a beautiful unusual park. Centuries ago these park was a field where battles were fought. Nowadays park is a home for all generations. Tourists and Expats. There are old people playing chess at the special tables that have been placed in the park. Watch out if you decide to play a game. Elderly are very skilled. Not many have won a Chess battle against them. Very ofter there is Art Gallery Exhibition on open. Couples walling around holding hands. People watching sunset. Tourists taking selfies.


Kalemegdan Fortress Belgrade

Photo of Kalemegdan Fortress taken by one and only Aca Matic.



What does Kalemegdan means?


Kalemegdan came with Ottoman Empire. They name it with two Turkish words. Kale means City or Fortress. Megdan means Field.



The Victor monument


The Victor monument is another attraction on your adventure. Beautiful monument view a charming view. It was built to commemorate Serbia’s victory over Austro Hungarian and Ottoman Empires. Came into place in the 1928. Its holding strong on its 14 metres hight. Victor is probably the most visited tourist attraction in Belgrade.



Belgrade Kalemegdan Fortress

Romantic evening in Belgrade. The Victor monument photo taken by photographer Aca Matic



What to expect from a day visit?


History, culture, scenery and beauty is what you will find inside the walls of the Kalemegdan Fortress. If you are looking for things to do  with what to see when you are visiting Belgrade then the Kalemegdan Fortress is a must. This Fortress is one of Belgrade’s top attractions. It is located in the city centre across from the main pedestrian street.


Do you have to pay to visit the Belgrade Fortress?

Kalemegdan Fortress visit is free of charge. Visiting Kalemegdan park is also free of charge. Walking around to Victor monuments as well free of charge. Taking photos is allowed all over this area.

To visit these places you will have to pay symbolic a few euros per person. Roman well, Tower of Nebojsa, Clock Tower, Roman Well and Military Bunker.


History of Kalemegdan Fortress

It was build in the 1st century as a palisade with earth walls around her. Developed over the years into the Roman stronghold in the 2nd century. Then Byzantine castle (6th and 7th century). After that it has become the medieval Capital of Serbia (13th and 15th century). Finally an Austrian / Ottoman artillery fortification at 17th and 18th century. Kalemegdan Fortress makes a unique cultural and historical complex within Kalemegdan park. Nowadays Kalemegdan park is divided in two areas. The Lower and Upper Kalemegdan.

In the upper part of Kalelegdan Fortress you will find a symbol of our capital the Victor monument. Bronz male figure of 14 meters hight. Stands strongly facing magnificent rivers. Statue was made in 1913 by our famous sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. The Belgrade Planetarium is located in a former Turkish bath in the lower part of Kalemegdan Fortress since 1970. Many mysteries legends and facts are written in the walls of this remarkable place. Some of the biggest mysteries are about Nebojsa tower and Roman well.


Nebojsa Tower

Nebojsa tower is the only surviving mediaeval tower of the Belgrade Fortress. The name Nebojsa means fearless in Serbian. Tower was built in the early 15th century during the reign of despot Stefan Lazarevic. It was build as a part of the security system which was protecting Belgrade from the Ottoman invasion after the Siege of Belgrade in 1456.


Roman Well

The Well was built in the period from 1717 to 1731 during the Austrian Baroque reconstruction. This building is designated and called “The Large Well”.  Name “Roman well” was first recorded in the nineteenth century. It was based on folk tales about old buildings whose origins are forgotten. Its often attributed to the Romans.


Military museum


Walking around will take you to a Museum. Military Museum. This museum is the most accurate witness of changes in history at this part of Balkans and wider. The museum has over 3,000 ancient and modern items which include everything from Roman swords and helmets to items of modern war history.


Ruzica Church

Ruzica Church and the Chapel of Sveta Petka are two Churches that are places inside of the Belgrade Fortress. Please make sure you are dressed appropriately to enter them.


Kalemegdan the perfect place for relaxing


Whether you just want to take a leisurely walk go for jog or sit on a park bench. This area is the right choice. You will notice people under a tree reading a book. Just few meters away kids are playing games. Take a walk on a Fresh air and enjoy in. Kalemegdan fortress is visited by thousands of tourists every year, and is open all day and night all year round.