Karting in Belgrade

Karting in Belgrade

Karting in Belgrade will boost your adrenaline. Adrenaline stimulates the release of dopamine in our nervous system. It release a substance that causes a feeling of Wellbeing. Once everything has finished and the risk has been eliminated the sensation of pleasure and peace can be quite noticeable.


Why KARTING and NOT something else?


Karting is a sport in which small open four wheeled vehicles called karts are used for racing. If you feel tired and low on energy after parting hard in Belgrade Clubs you might need a good sleep. If you cant sleep you can boost your energy with Adrenaline Activities. Water Sports, Paint Ball and Karting would be on the top of the list. You can always do a massage or a work out at the Gym though. So Why Karting?


  • Adrenaline Boost
  • Team Game
  • Confidence builder
  • Super Fun


Good to know: The adrenaline boost will improve your focus and memory. You might feel GOOD till the end of your day.


Epic Experience


This Experience rocks! Follow our suggestion where to go for a ride of your life! Good to know is that if you are solo traveler don’t worry you all covered. Very often we might be able to get you in touch with others. You might be able to join some other group.


Karting in Belgrade

Karting in Belgrade


Do i need a Prior Experience with driving a Karting? 


Nope. You don’t need prior knowledge for driving a carting. Make sure not to come drunk though. It can be super dangerous for you and for others. If you are intoxicated  you might get denied to have fun.


What to do after i finish Karting in the morning?

During the long and hot Belgrade summers you will find much things to do around. Cruising trough the Belgrade rivers will lead you to a rafts popular Belgrade Summer Clubs. Most of the fun is happening in the evenings at Beton Hall super posh area or at Hipster area better known as Cetinjska street. Traditional Serbian Food can be find on many places. The most popular area would be at Skadarlija Street. Ada Lake, better known as Belgrade Sea. Ada is the is place where you will find fun during the day. Place is loaded with good looking people riding bicycles, wakeboarding and playing volleyball. Dont miss ADA while you are in Belgrade.

For adrenalin seekers, in Belgrade you will find good deals for jumping from a plane, without parachute, hahahahaha, just kidding. You will find pretty much extreme Bungee Jump, pretty much fast karting tracks, Extreme paintball and shooting ranges.


BOOK with us! We will take you to the SKY and BACK!


If there is a rain or snow we know whats happening in Belgrade. We are open to share all the crucial info with our guests. Its on us to give you the tips! Its up to you to choose the place that suits you the best! Make sure to bring good vibes along. Its all about spreading a good energy.

How much dose Karting in Belgrade Cost ?

How much does fun on the wheels will cost ya? Karting cost from 35 E per person.


How to you get there ?

We will organise transportation for you / mini van or cars. Or you can click here and find out more about transportation in Belgrade.



Karting Location

Kartings are located on the few strategically locations in Belgrade. It will take you around 10-15 minutes to get there from the Downtown of Belgrade.

Karting is defiantly on the the most famous Belgrade Activities and its run very often on Hen and Stag weekends in Belgrade.

Don’t forget to get your medical insurance when traveling. Our suggestion would be to check Digital Nomad number 1 Travel insurance, Safety Wings.

Make sure to bring smile in Belgrade and to connect with locals and to have the best time of your life.


Karting in Belgrade has international standards! It offers safety tips and safe ride overall. Vehicles are maintained and owners are taking serious care about each single guest. No worries! You just have to show on time. Being late is not acceptable.

Karting is held at the few locations. It offers so much fun for the people that travel in groups. There are a lot of fun, laughs, and everything get recorded with a go pro. Your Belgrade adventure will always stay in your memory. Parts that you dont want to memorise on your camera before heading to your home you can better delete. But will stay in you memory. Belgrade is such an awesome party city.



Lisa Lisbon. We were taken to the place that offer full service. New carting charts, Everything was tight and organised. There was a short class on how things works. Protection and safety as well. Highly recommended.


Rob Germany. There were 20 of us. Some of my buddies were annoying and laud. Still people host us without a word. Good welcome day in Belgrade. That night we went out the Belgrade Clubs. Awesome weekend in Belgrade.


Skopulos Athens. I am regular guest in Belgrade. Once season in Greece is Over i am heading to Belgrade. I am obsessed with beauty of Belgrade girls. Karting i done few times when my friends came for a bachelor party. Every single time we had a blast. Belgrade is the best place after Greece. Will be back again in September this year.