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Things to do in Belgrade with Kids


Kids Playgrounds are home for Social, Emotional and Physical Benefits. Kids will improve collaboration skills interacting with others. Playgrounds will teach them to team up. Study shows that kids who are not being around other kids will not develop good social skills. These are strong reasons to take a screen away from your kids face and take them out in the real life.


Are you a new parents in Belgrade?

Our Top recommendation is to take your kids to Kalemegdan Park. There is a HUGE Castle over there. The whole area looks like a fairy-tale. There is a small Amusement park in the Park area. Its really basic though. If you are tired of walking Train will take you around. Whenever it pass next to you while in park just hop in. Our recommendation is to take a walk from Kalemegdan Park and check out Knez Mihailova pedestrian street. Park and Knez Mihailova are basically next to each other. Some other day you could take your kids to Belgrade Museums.


Kids Playgrounds

Kids Playgrounds in Belgrade / Outdoor Winter Activities



Outdoor Winter FREE & FUN


For a most of families Outdoor Activities starts with a good weather. Some families instead of letting kids playing on their phones they have decided to take them out. One of the most popular Outdoor activities for Kids is sledding. Skiing as well. Kids love it. You can basically take you kids to the Kalemegdan Park or Next to the Parlament in the Downtown. You can take them to Kosutnjak Hill for some longer rides as well.  Where to get a Small Skis? You dont have to do Shopping. You can make them from plastic pallets. Let your kids make them altogether with you. You can find tutorials on Youtube. During Winter beside free skiing in Belgrade you can do Outdoor and Indoor Ice Skating. Teach your kids how to Skate on Ice. Its fun! If you don’t know how to Ice Skate no worries. You can book a class with a professional Instructor. Encourage your family to make a Snowman together. Snowballs game is fun on Winters. What else During Winters in Belgrade? Indoor Kids Playgrounds in Belgrade are AWESOME! Kids Playgrounds can be found in almost all Neighbourhoods. We recommend you only a FEW. Check at the TOP of our page for our recommendations.


Good to know: Does it snow a lot in Belgrade? Lets say that approximately there are 30 days of snow in Belgrade during a year.


Take your Kids to the most interesting Playgrounds in Belgrade!


Kids Playgrounds Belgrade Serbia

Take your Kids in the most interesting Playgrounds in Belgrade!


Outdoor Summer FREE & FUN


Spending your time with kids is one of the most important things for a family. Dosnet matter how busy you are always make s a free time for your love ones. During Summer Time we suggest Outside Activities and recommend you to check out ALL Belgrade Attractions. Take your family for a bicycle ride. There is a lake only 10 minutes from a Belgrade Downtown. Its Called ADA. Ada Lake is among the best outdoor places in Belgrade. Swimming, Rollerblading, Volleyball, Water Skiing, just name it. Ada Lake community has it all. Entrance is FREE.



Notice: Where are the most interesting Kids Playgrounds in Belgrade? Check it out at the TOP of the page. If you have some questions and need an assistance feel free to Whats app us.


Creative Benefits of Play


Study have shown that there are very important Creative and Mental benefits of play. Leadership skills is one of them. Kids might learn how is to take a step into a world of adults. Taking an action and using critical thinking. Equipment at playgrounds might help kids use their creativity and have tons of fun in the process.

Your kid can be anything that he desire. An Airplane Pilot, Doctor or an Explorer. Kids Playgrounds will allow children to use their imaginations and to create a new world. Creativity is the major skill that we all need to be a successful in the real world. Creativity cant be learn and its gain in the childhood.



Physical Benefits of Play


Spending alot of time over a screen of a phone your kid will be unhappy after a while. It might become seriously anti social. Beside anti social concerns there is a weight issue. Fast life and fast food will make you child getting extra kilos. Reducing obesity will be successfully done while playing outside of a house. Being Physical will reduce anxiety and help your kid to sleep better. On the top of that study shown that home-works are done much better.