Knez Mihajlova

Knez Mihajlova is one of Belgrade’s top attractions 


Belgrade is a city that has a soul, and at the very heart of this city is one of the oldest streets, now a pedestrian zone with incredible architecture, cafes for old and young as well as shopping.  Knez Mihajlova is where people gather from near and far to meet their friends, have a coffee, go for a walk or simply sit in a cafe and people watch (very popular here).


If you’re meeting up with a local, chances are pretty high they’ll ask you to meet at ‘the horse’. It’s become the go-to meeting point and is easily located by those in Belgrade for the first time. It’s hard to miss this large, grand statue of a man on a horse. Funnily enough, many people actually don’t know who sits atop of the horse located in the town square. Who is the man you ask? Well it is Knez Mihailo Obrenović who was the Prince of Serbia from 1839 to 1843 and again from 1860 to 1868.

Knez Mihailo

Knez Mihailo

As you begin your walk along Knez Mihajlova, you’ll notice it is filled with shops and boutiques so make sure you bring your bring your credit card as you are sure to shop till you drop!


If people watching is your thing then Knez Mihajlova is definately the place to do it. Sit down in any one of the many cafes along this street, grab a coffee and enjoy the view for hours on end.


If you want to go cafe hopping, then again you have an assortment to choose from. The cafe lifestyle has certainly become a way of life in Serbia and many people spend their days drinking coffee in different cafes. One thing you may need to know though is that there are cafes that just serve coffee and light snacks and also cafes that are more like restaurants where you can have a meal.


If you’re after souvineers then you will find many here with souvenir shops lined along the middle and sides of the Knez Mihajlova. The local currency is dinars so make sure you have them on hand, though you can find many money exchange places if you need dinars.


Knez Mihajlova really comes to life in the evening where you will find street performers and immediately feel a really great vibe. Everyone is happy and smiling as Belgradians just love being out and about.


Knez Mihajlova


At the end of the street you will also find the Kalamegdan Fortress  which you can visit for a leisurely walk or join one of the historical tours, or perhaps you prefer to relax and enjoy the views which you can see from there where the Sava meets the Danube.