Learn Serbian

You are about to join the interesting ride! We give you a BIG credit if you are not a slav background and you are planing to learn Serbian. Its not an easy task for a foreigner to learn Chirilic and Latinic Serbian Alphabet. Learning Serbain Gramar is a big task. Dont want to scare you now. Any Mountin can be climbed! You can DO IT! Make sure to find the easiest way! Learn Serbian on the way that works for you. There are so many ways to learn a language nowadays. Many Online methods, School, APPS, 1 on 1. There are games that you can play on your own or with friends that might speed up the process. Serbians Say if you can understand and pronounce 1000 words you are almost there. You can do lil conversations and even read some of the staff from the news. 


How Long DOES it take to learn SERBIN?


For the first 1000 words you can do it in 6 months. After That next 1000 you can do for 6 months more. With 2000 words you an have conversation with a locals. If you learn Serbian Language you will be able to communicate with a Montenegrins and Croatians. As well as Bosnians and even sometimes with Slovenians. Ofcorse every country declare their own language. So basically with learning Serbian you will speak at least 5 more languages. Not bad at all!


Learn Serbian Language

Find out the EASIEST way to Learn Serbian Language.



Is Serbian Language Easy to learn?

It is! :). Hehehe if you speak any other Slav Language though. If not you will have one completely new thing to handle in front of you. I still remember the time when there was a lil migration of Chines in Belgrade SERBIA. It was in the 1990. They came with 0 knowledge of the Serbian Language. They didnt even speak English. But they manage to open successful trading business. To buy apartments and nice cars. To opened restaurants. Ofcorse they also manage to learn Serbian. They learn Serbian in a lass then a year.  So they are the proof that it can be done with a good focus and a hard work!


Benefits of learning Serbian Language

What are the benefits of learning Serbian?

  • If are looking to live in Balkans it will make your social life easier
  • You will be able to easier find a work
  •  Easier to date
  • Know what others talk around you
  • Being interesting
  • Not part of a mainstream but still cool



Learning Serbian will makes you more employable in Balkans

If you are into starting a business in Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia or Serbia being able to communicate will be of a big help. At this point, we’re sure this isn’t surprising. Dont worry thought. Business world in Balkans and most of the people around are handling English pretty well.

It WILL keep your mind sharp

In the opinion of Alzheimer’s Today learning more than your native language will help your brain to resist the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.


You will understand more about the Balkan Mess


Okay, we know this is a big claim but for sure its a true. Medias in the busy world cover us with not enough information to get the whole puzzle together. By learning Serbian basically you will speak and understand all other balkan languages. Yes! Everyone claim on Balkans that they have their own language and they absolutely do! But the fact is that language is same Differences between Croatian and Serbian are same as From Usa and Australian language. There are more differences between Slovenian and all other in Balkan. But knowing one of them or lets say Serbian in this case you will speak them all. Back in 20th century we used to be the same country for a century. Language we spoke used to be called South Slav language. After brake up into 7 states everyone named language by their own country. Balkan is such a mess and definitely very romantic and dynamic. If you never been you have to take a time off and go around. Learn at least some Serbian and meet the locals. Despite what medias and local politicians are saying you will be surprised that elders are talking about how Yugoslavia was the best country. That life was way better than nowadays.


Is it easy to date over here without knowing Serbian?

Knowing Serbian Language is more than a language itself. Serbian families can be sometimes very traditional. They could give your partner a hard time. Learning Serbian will help you to blend into family easier. Knowing Costumes and Heritage would be tightly related to knowing language itself. Is it easy to date if you dont know a language? Long story short. If he is coming from a very traditional family and if he care about their thoughts then answer would be: Yes you might have issues. If he is coming from a liberal sounding with open minded family you will blend in without knowing any Serbian words. We would recommend to learn some anyways. Wont hurt knowing how the things works over here.

South Slav world of art and literature

One of the major benefits of learning Serbian is that you will gain access to the unparalleled world of rich Serbian culture.



INFO about Serbian Language

Serbian is a South Slavic language, and it’s is estimated that 9-10 million people speak Serbian. Mainly in Serbia, than across Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, and Macedonia. The interesting thing is that if you speak Serbian language you will completely understand Croatian, Montenegrin and Bosnian language. Also you will understand some of Slovenian and Macedonian.


Serbian Diaspora


Serb diaspora (Serbs who lives around the world) are mainly placed in Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands, USA, Canada and Australia). Learning Serbian language will make your life easier if you are planning to live or work in Serbia or in region. Some people say that Serbian is one of the hardest languages to learn. Keep in mind that Serbian grammar is a very complex. While the alphabet would be easy due to the fact that Serbian uses both Latin and Cyrillic (although, the Cyrillic is the only official one) and the language is phonemic. Maybe the biggest problem for the foreign is that every noun has a gender but it is easy to distinguish. There are seven cases like nominative, genitive dative etc, but if you make a table how the nouns are changed and remember it in your mind as a picture you can easily master this problem also.

The two most common ways to learn Serbian in your country would be: via Mobile App (the most popular and relevant are: L-Lingo, Learn Serbian, DuoLingo, Loecsen, etc);

And the another one would be to take classes.



Learn Serbian

Learn Serbian Online.


Serbian Language

As we explained earlier, Serb diaspora is pretty large, and most likely it would be easy for you to find someone to teach you.

In Germany, most popular school for learning Serbian is Sprachenatelier. In Austria you will find Sprachenzentrum which also have Serbian course. The land down under is having great Listen & Learn Australia school for all of you who want to become experts in Serbian language in no time! In Australia, there is also Preply with intensive Serbian course, where all tutor are native Serbians. In the USA, the most famous school for Serbian courses is Listen & Learn USA edition. Same school you will find in Canada as well.



Additional Info


And if you want to take  courses in Serbia:

  • Oxford Academy
  • Inlingua
  • Kolarac
  • St Nicolas School
  • Equilibrio

And of course, the best way to learn language is to talk with locals and to spend some time living there. If you are planning to visit Serbia, don’t forget that we have amazing food and awesome Nightlife.

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia has the amazing libraries and bookstores.


GOOD TO KNOW: Do you know who was Ivo Andric? He was a Serbian writer who won Nobel prize in 1961.