Living in Belgrade: 80’s life style in Garden

If you want to hear music of love and dance all night with good people, you should visit Karađorđeva street on FRIDAY AND SATURDAY.

If you plan on living in Belgrade, you must remember: Here everyone wants to dance with somebody.

You don’t need a reservation, only love and a smile!  Garden is located in the heart of Belgrade alternative neighborhood Savamala and it is the fruit of a multifunctional space Mixer House.

This is the place which is spreading love, tolerance and understanding with it’s existence. Garden is set to make real and true values among people today. One of the ways to do that is with the music from the 80s, under the slogan “Back to the good times”

Lifestyler Marija Cvet ( Marija Flower ) will play hits of the 80s .

Event will begin on FRIDAY AND SATURDAY from 22h and ends at 2 am.

Reservations are not required, and the information can be obtained quickly and free of charge through our call center +381 62 33 77 00 (msg, Viber, whast app or call)

If you are visiting Garden this weekend do not forget to bring a good vibe and a smile


Here you can hear some of the greatest world’s hits – pop, dance, trash metal, euro disco. Eighties are popular because of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston. Alternative rock was very popular and artist like R.E.M, The Pixies, Sonic Youth etc. Pop metal was also one of the popular genres – Queen , Bon Jovi, Guns N’Roses, Aerosmith and others. This is also the time, when RnB was born.

“Lifestyler Makica Cvet”



Let us introduce you with Savamala a little bit closer. Savamala wasn’t always place it is now. Actualy, it was empty, gray and lifeless with abandoned halls, spaces and buildings. But, things changed in 2007 when Dom Omladine transformed the abandoned warehouse into the Magacin cultural center. People used to come here and watch movies and attend lectures, exhibitions and performances. That idea is still present in every corner of Savamala.

” People of the Garden “


Through the years, Savamala became THE place for people with same interests, place where diversity is welcomed, and place where you can attend educational and fun cultural events and concerts

Several excellent nightclubs and cafes were opend, and one of them, Garden, became place where you can enjoy good music, vibe and interesting people.

” Garden Smiles “

Garden Smiles

” Garden “




” People of the Garden “


” Garden Smiles “Garden Smiles

Come to the Garden and feel Belgrade!